888 Holdings Poker Software Review

888 Holdings Poker Software Review February 2, 2018 July 19, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Feb 2, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by David Edwards

If there’s one thing that 888 Holdings does, it’s dip its feet into many different pools of the gaming industry. Not only does it provide various different gaming sites for avid players to join and play at, but also offers its own selection of games to these sites. As far as 888 Poker goes, this includes a nice choice of different poker games of its own creation. This is, naturally, put to use on the company’s own website, but is also incorporated into several other online platforms as well. It is this software that we’re going to be taking a look at in a more in-depth way.

888 Holdings didn’t actually start out as such. It first began operating in 1997 under the name of Pacific Poker. However, from that moment onwards, its customer base began to expand and changes to both its name and innermost workings took place. The 888 Poker and subsequent gaming sites also grew considerably through the years, and it can today boast about being the second largest online poker site in the world. Obviously, a lot of this has to do with the games that 888 provides to its members. So much so, that the platform has won Best Poker Operator of the Year three times in a row!

The Poker Software

If you want to play the poker games from 888 Holdings, the best place to visit for access to them is the 888 Poker site. There are multiple different 888 poker games that you have the option of partaking in, with the first one being 7 Card Stud. This is one of the older versions of poker, dating back to the mid-1800s and being the most popular option until Texas Hold’em Poker became available.

Speaking of which, 888 also has its own version of Texas Hold’em for players to access. It’s quite a difficult version of poker to learn how to master, but it features various appealing possibilities for you to undertake whilst playing. The other more common form of poker that you may have heard of before is Omaha, which is also available as Omaha Hi Lo. This particular form of poker features large hands and big draws. It also has a pot limit betting structure to it, presenting another difference to other versions of poker.

However, 888 Holdings also presents players with some fairly unique poker options as well. Take, for instance, the offering known as BLAST, which it describes as the ultimate jackpot Sit & Go experience. This sees four players compete for a randomly drawn prize pool via a time-limited Sit & Go game. Every time you play such, you could receive a reward of up to 10,000 times your buy-in.

Another one that the developer provides is known as SNAP poker. This is the company’s version of fast-fold poker, which was created in order to reduce waiting times. It does this by dealing out new cards to you in the moment that you fold. Therefore, it’s faster and in some ways better for players. It’s also available in both cash games and tournament formats as well. Finally, we also think that you should know about Flopomania from 888 too. This is also a more fast-paced version of poker, which doesn’t have any pre-flop betting round. Therefore, all players get to see the flop on every single hand.

Design and Visual Appeal

Two things that 888 Holdings is able to present via its poker games, are a set of strong graphics and gameplay. Regardless of which poker game you choose to play, you’ll always see a set of high-quality imagery on your screen, making things ultimately more entertaining. The layout of the games is always easy to navigate around, and thereby makes learning the game(s) easier if you’re a newcomer. You can clearly see each of the other players’ names on the screen and whose turn is next. Some of the tables are set up a little bit simpler than others. For example, the 7 Card Stud game features very basic imagery – still with high-quality graphics – whereas the more recently released BLAST option has a lot more going on. The overall design and implementation of the actual poker games also see that they run very smoothly. There aren’t any lags and the interface is very user-friendly.

Other 888 Holdings Poker Software Features

One part of he poker software from this company is that there is a very comprehensive set of tools to receive help while playing. The support options are very impressive, starting with the self-help section that you can browse through at your leisure. Additionally, if you want to contact the 888 Holdings support for poker, you can do so via Live Chat, email and a toll-free telephone number.

Additionally, you have the opportunity of creating your own avatar when you sign up to a platform that utilises this software. As of the moment, the avatars are very cartoon-like and so don’t specifically enhance your gameplay so much. However, it’s a nice, if not simplistic, little perk to utilising the 888 Holdings software.


As far as online poker software goes, it’s clear to see why the 888 Holdings offering has helped to propel the 888 online platform to its current standing. There are many different poker games available from this developer, including some unique options to this company. While there could potentially be some work put in to creating a stronger set of images within games, the graphics are still of a high enough quality. Additionally, the inbuilt support options and the overall visual appeal of 888’s creations make for an intriguing set of games from the developer.

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