Dragonfish Poker Software Review

Dragonfish Poker Software Review February 17, 2018 July 19, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Feb 17, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by David Edwards

When many people think of online poker providers, Dragonfish is a name that instantly comes to mind. There are plenty of reasons why multiple online poker sites choose to utilise this developer’s network. Dragonfish has actually existed since the year of 2007 and is actually an independent division of the 888 Holdings group. It doesn’t only work in the poker field, but instead allows for companies to incorporate bingo and casino offerings into their sites. However, when it comes to the poker products, these became available in 2010. Furthermore, the Dragonfish poker platform is the only one that is licensed and deployed to all regulated States in the USA. Therefore, the company holds a unique position in the industry with this.

Of course, being able to offer your products and services up to such a difficult-to-crack country is one thing, but there’s so much more to Dragonfish. The company recognises that mobile gaming is now such a strong entity, and therefore it has chosen to adopt a mobile-first strategy. This means that all games on its poker network are designed with mobile gamers being the first priority. Dragonfish can also boast one of, if not the industry’s healthiest poker ecosystem. And alongside this, it provides partners with poker offerings that are rich in inbuilt features and excellent management toolkits to take advantage of.

The Poker Software

dragonfish online pokerBoth experienced and casual players of poker will find the Dragonfish network to be exceptionally appealing. It is able to provide an easy-to-use software for both gamers and poker operators. Fortunately, it is also the creator of unique and innovative poker options that cannot be found elsewhere. For example, Dragonfish is able to offer up webcam poker games, as well as 3D poker too. Naturally, any players who enjoy something a little bit different will be drawn to these products. Further to this, players are able to choose from various preset avatars to represent themselves in the poker rooms.

All of the poker games and their respective tables have multiple features. For example, you have the ability to resize the tables, and Dragonfish also offers up several variations of games. This means that you will find options with varying high and low buy-ins which are accessible on a 24/7 basis. Additionally, experienced players may wish to participate in multiple games at once, which is why Dragonfish’s multi-tabling option is a great perk.

As far as the actual network software goes, operators will find it to be very usable. It is available in 24 different languages, so a wide audience can participate in games. And as well as this, the company is always up-to-date with regulations, licensing and other such official areas. Because of these two perks, the developer is able to provide poker rooms to multiple different countries – even in those jurisdictions where it is more difficult to do. These include Spain, Italy, France and the aforementioned United States.

In terms of the games that exist within the Dragonfish network, you’ll find that there are many on offer. These include options for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5 Card Stud, Draw and many more. Each week the network gives away over $1 million in tournament prizes too. And the buy-ins for games have vast ranges, from as little as being completely free, right up to tournaments with a set buy-in of $875. Even more so, land-based events can be accessed via one of the many satellites that stick to the Dragonfish network.

Design and Visual Appeal

Of course, it’s not only the software itself that has impressive qualities. The external appearance of the Dragonfish poker games is also full of appeal. The graphics that the company utilises to craft its tables, cards, chips and inbuilt features are truly wonderful. Everything is crisp and easy-to-use, with the aforementioned avatars being very much a part of the intrigue. Setup is simple enough to understand, but also interesting enough to welcome experienced poker players to the fold. The games aren’t specifically flushed with colour, but they certainly provide an innovative and visually appealing part of the games.

Other Dragonfish Poker Features

It’s not only the game of poker that Dragonfish’s products provide to operators, but a set of casino and sports games as well. Therefore, if while you’re playing a poker option, you wish to also enjoy casino titles, this is possible. These are also fairly unique in their nature, even providing you with the chance to play at live dealer tables. So, you can enjoy roulette or blackjack for example, as well as a myriad of slot offerings. This set of products from Dragonfish is known as Casino Flex, mainly due to the fact that it can be integrated as a tab for while playing poker or be put to use as a standalone casino service.

Additionally, because Dragonfish is part of the 888 Holdings company, this gives it the possibility of reaching multiple different gamers around the world. 888 works as one of the biggest gambling operators in the industry, meaning that Dragonfish is a world-renowned poker provider. This being the case, you can always guarantee that it has a solid team behind it and is a fully legal, licensed and regulated service.


If there’s one thing that most people think about Dragonfish, it’s that they’re masters in the online poker world. It’s clear to see why as well, because the range of games and the type of inbuilt features that they come with are both appealing within themselves. When you also add the casino games to that and the high-quality graphics, it really adds a lot of depth and appeal to the developer. Overall, Dragonfish is able to offer up a wonderful poker network with a great selection of special perks for you to enjoy.

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