iPoker Software Review

iPoker Software Review February 23, 2018 July 19, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Feb 23, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by David Edwards

If you’ve found yourself playing games in an online casino, then chances are that you’ve come across and enjoyed the selection of titles from Playtech. The same can be said about online poker rooms, as the iPoker network has been offering such games for over 10 years, and it comes under the Playtech company. The network has been so successful over the years, that in 2014 it was awarded with the EGR Poker Network of the Year award. The Playtech poker network is able to provide a variety of different poker options to the gaming community, ranging from classics through to the more modern experiences. Because of its longevity within the poker world, iPoker is able to provide operators with a strong and consistent product.

In actuality, the iPoker network serves some of the best online platforms with its games. These include well-known sites like Betfair, William Hill Poker, Bet365, Paddy Power Poker and Titan Poker. And these are just a few of the plentiful collection of sites that choose to utilise the Playtech offering. So, you can guarantee that if these poker platforms incorporate the iPoker network, that its reputation more than precedes it. But we’re also interested to find out what the software looks like, incorporates as extra features and the type of poker games that are accessible on it.

The Poker Software

It’s safe to say that the iPoker network receives a lot more traffic than most other networks. And this is even though it doesn’t accept US players, unlike the Dragonfish company. The platforms that use the network though, do tend to advertise it on a grand scale. So, with top-brand poker rooms and their promotion of the iPoker network, it’s only normal that it has reached such a level of popularity.

However, what kind of poker games are available on the iPoker network? Well, to begin with, you’ll find both No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha are two of the biggest available options from this network. There’s often a focus from many platforms on the lower buy-in games and you’re able to choose from either European or Worldwide tables. Additionally, you have the option of playing in either Euros or British Pounds Sterling in these games.

Additionally, another great perk to this poker network, is the fact that it offers up Speed Poker too. This is also present in the form of Hold’em Poker and it gives you the chance to play up to four times as many hands as you have available at a normal poker table.

In all of the poker games that make up this network, you also have various customisation options. Once you access the settings tab, you’re able to change around features like the choice of seeing large cards and how fast the game goes. You’re also able to choose a standard deck of cards or a four-colour deck. The audio of the poker game is also fully adjustable, with a chat function also being present. Furthermore, you can opt to utilise and show an avatar next to your player name. In fact, iPoker has some of the most extensive customisation options that we’ve ever seen on a poker network.

If we were to recommend a poker room that is available on the iPoker network, we’d suggest the Bet365 site. It incorporates a great VIP program and the company as a whole is a very well-known and reputable brand. You’re also able to utilise your money there on the sportsbook and casino sections, so you have multiple choices of what to do with your funds. Alternatively, we think that Bet Victor Poker is another great alternative. Again, it’s a poker site with a good brand name that has existed for many years now.

Design and Visual Appeal

ipoker gameThe iPoker software has a very clean and crisp appeal to it, with Playtech utilising some very high-quality graphics for its tables. The lobby is easy-to-use and the software on the whole is very responsive. While you’re playing one of the poker games, you’ll be able to navigate your way around the screen easily enough too. Therefore, it’s easy to place your bets, see your cards and watch the game unfold. As we said previously, there’s the option of utilising an avatar next to your player name, although it’s not compulsory. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less in terms of a perfect design from Playtech.

Other iPoker Features

Like we spoke of earlier, the iPoker network is probably one of the most customisable experiences that we have seen. Therefore, while adjusting the colours of the cards to four distinctive versions is an option, there’s much more to see. For example, you can utilise keyboard shortcuts to easily switch between multi-table play. There are also special hot keys in this instance to allow you to quickly fold, check, call and more. Furthermore, you have the option of marking another player as your buddy. Let’s say that you’ve been in a poker room with this player and found yourselves getting along in the chat window. Simply mark them as a friend and you’ll be able to play with them again in the future.

One other thing that the iPoker network does well, is allow you to watch entire games back in video format. This is known as the “Replayer” addition. You can watch any of your gaming sessions from the past 30 days back, if you so wish. There’s also the inclusion of live support, should you need any help during game play. It’s on hand 24/7 for your benefit.


There’s a reason why Playtech and its iPoker offering are centred around the top of the world’s best. And that’s because this developer incorporates style, substance, entertainment and ease-of-use into its creations. There’s so much that you can do with games that exist on the iPoker network. Furthermore, the crisp, high-class graphics ensure that you have a truly impressive visual experience, regardless of which poker version you choose to play.

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