PaiWangLuo Poker Software Review

PaiWangLuo Poker Software Review February 28, 2018 July 19, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Feb 28, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by David Edwards

paiwangluo logoThe PaiWangLuo poker network may not sound very familiar, but just bear with us. You may know it more so as the Bodog Poker Network, which is how it started its life out. While there is still an online casino, sportsbook and poker platform that comes under the name of Bodog, the poker network was rebranded to PaiWangLuo upon the Hong Kong-based investment group purchasing it. In actuality, the Bodog company launched in 1994, providing sports betting to players and it was only in 2004 that it brought a poker platform into play. PaiWangLuo chose to buy the network in 2017 and the rebrand took place at the same time. However, the poker games and operations remain pretty much the same as they have always been.

The network brings forth many different poker games, from the most popular options to one or two unique offerings as well. It also operates on four poker rooms, which are available in 13 different countries. The brands that it is available on are Ignition Poker, Bovada, Bodog Poker and Bodog88. Of the 13 countries that it is available in, Australia, Canada, Argentina, China and the United States are all included. Therefore, it’s quite international on that scale. So, let’s find out what exactly makes this poker network so inviting, shall we?

The Poker Software

If you have played at any of the platforms that utilised the Bodog poker network before, then everything will look very familiar with it still. PaiWangLuo hasn’t changed much in terms of the visual appeal or the features of the software. One of the software’s most impressive features are the anonymous table options. Entering such rooms will allow you to play games of poker without revealing a username or any details about yourself. This is in place in order to provide a secure recreational player base, evading any “sharks” as they’re known. And while some players find the anonymous tables to be a great thing, others are quite afraid of the possibility of collusion. However, the network does keep a close eye on the software, ensuring that such negative outcomes don’t take place.

bodog tableAs far as the poker games go, the network is able to provide many options in this area. For example, there are the frequently seen offerings of No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit setups. These are all possible in games of Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. Accessing these games is possible from very small micro stake options right the way up to the high roller buy-in games of $1,000 and above. Speaking of the buy-ins and game play, everything is done in the US Dollar currency. Additionally, you’ll find that the network plays host to multiple different tournaments for you to involve yourself in. Again, there is the chance to access these tournaments from freerolls up to higher buy-ins of over $500.

Speaking of the tournaments, the PaiWangLuo network is actually one of the best for these. This is because it has one of the better MTT and SNG schedules, providing some of the biggest and best guarantees on the market. However, something that players may find to be a bit of a let down in comparison with other online poker networks, is that rakeback is not possible on one or two sites via PaiWangLuo.

The other great thing about this network is that while it may not be the biggest, it’s certainly got somewhat of a foothold on the US market. After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) passed in the country, many poker platforms and networks pulled out from offering their services there. However, the PaiWangLuo network (or Bodog as it was then known) chose to stick around. Therefore, it remains as one of the very few poker networks that is able to provide US citizens with online poker games. With the more recent expansion into the countries of Latin America following PaiWangLuo’s acquisition, the company is poised to grow even larger.

Design and Visual Appeal

The overall design of the PaiWangLuo poker games is very pleasing to the eye. They all come with high quality graphics as part of their design and rather than have birds eye views of an actual table, you’re brought closer in to the action. Each player has the ability to choose their own avatar, which displays itself directly next to their player name. Furthermore, the game screens are easy-to-use, with all the possible options clearly at hand. Therefore, you can simply and easily play your favourite version of poker whenever you want. The imagery within each game is crisp and provides a great user experience.

Other PaiWangLuo Poker Software Features

Alongside the basics of the poker games, the network also offers up some other intriguing features. For example, there’s a great first deposit bonus that the PaiWangLuo software offers up to players, as well as a points to tournament ticket offer. The first deposit bonus comes in the form of a 30% rakeback – depending upon if the platform in question allows such. However, the points to cash promotion rewards players with about 2-3% back.

Furthermore, while the network was under the Bodog name, it made sure to provide a strong and fun experience for recreational players. To do this, it removed the wait list feature and also took away full tables from the poker client. The replacement of usernames with the anonymous naming system was also brought in at this time.


To sum it up, we can say that the PaiWangLuo network has been through some rough times since its inception back in 2004. However, with the acquisition by the Hong Kong investment firm, things seem to be looking up. The network has already expanded into more than just a single country, now servicing several worldwide locations. The product is there as part of the network – and it’s a good one – it just needs to become available to more platforms in order to realise its true potential.

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