Why Winning A WSOP Bracelet So Special To Poker Players?

Why Winning A WSOP Bracelet So Special To Poker Players? July 25, 2018 July 25, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Jul 25, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 25, 2018 by David Edwards

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is considered by poker players from all over the world to be the ultimate poker tournament in the world.

The WSOP takes place every year in Las Vegas and runs for a month and a half and draws poker players from all over the globe who are looking to win a coveted WSOP Gold Bracelet.

The WSOP gold bracelet is special for a number of reasons. These bracelets are limited at each WSOP tournament and are awarded for only specific events. The 2018 WSOP which concluded earlier this month had the highest number of WSOP bracelets awarded in the tournaments history with 80 bracelets on the line. To date, a total of 1500 WSOP gold bracelets have been awarded over the years and poker player dream of winning a gold bracelet due to the aura and prestige associated with the WSOP gold bracelet.

WSOP Gold Bracelets received a great plug nearly a decade ago from former WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack who likened winning a WSOP bracelet to winning the Lombardi Trophy in football or the Stanley Cup in hockey. Players who win a WSOP bracelet automatically gain the attention of their peers and gives them a lot of confidence for the rest of their career.

The WSOP bracelets are also fantastically crafted and estimated to be worth around $500,000. Jostens of Minneapolis have been the official WSOP bracelet creators for the last few years and do a great job of putting together 40 unique and individual parts that is made up of 427 grams of yellow and white gold. The bracelet is a piece of work boasting over 626 black diamonds, 356 white diamonds and 194 rubies. The center of the bracelet has the ‘WSOP’ acronym emboldened leaving no doubt as to what the bracelet represents.

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WSOP Bracelet More Important Than Money

Players like Roland Israelashvili value the WSOP bracelet more than hard cash simply because he has come so very close to winning one on multiple occasions only to fall short. Israelashvili has cashed out at 90 WSOP events in his career till date but hasn’t been able to win a gold bracelet. Some of the other players who have had a lot of WSOP cashes but no bracelet include Tony Cousineau with 87 cashes and Tom McCormick with 76 cashes.

There have been reports of past WSOP bracelet winners putting up their bracelet for sale on eBay but there is a big difference in winning a WSOP bracelet and buying a WSOP bracelet.

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