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Paypal Poker Sites – List of Poker Rooms that accept Paypal Payment / Deposit Options

Posted on  Mar 27, 2012 | Updated on  Mar 14, 2018 by Tim Glocks

Almost everybody has a PayPal account already, don’t they? Whether you use yours for online gambling or shopping at online retailers such as Amazon, having a PayPal account is a must. There are ample poker sites out there on the net which accept this leading worldwide deposit option, and there are many reasons why you should want to use PayPal over other banking options when playing at your favourite online poker rooms.

Let’s look closer at Paypal poker sites

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What is PayPal?

Online banking options don’t really come much more famous than PayPal. This online e-wallet can be used by people across the globe, but only a handful of players will find PayPal accepted at poker sites. We’ll get into that in a little more detail, shortly, but first, let’s have a look at PayPal itself.

PayPal is an e-wallet, which means electronic wallet. It is a stop-gap between your bank and the place where you wish to purchase or deposit something. In short, you can transfer funds to your PayPal account from your bank, and then access those funds in the e-wallet to deposit at your favourite online poker sites without ever having to hand over your banking details to the poker room. This provides an added sense of security for players since at no point does the poker room know your bank account information. If the poker room were to be hacked – which is unlikely – nobody is getting hold of your banking information.

PayPal provides safe and secure deposits to and from your favourite poker rooms, it allows players the opportunity to make smaller deposits than they would otherwise be able to do with credit cards, and the good news is that most of you already have a PayPal account. Using this method at PayPal poker sites is a doddle…

Using PayPal to Deposit and Withdraw at Poker Sites

Before you can deposit or withdraw with PayPal, you need to have a PayPal account. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for one for free at PayPal’s website. Once you have linked it to your bank and transferred some funds over from your bank into your PayPal account, you’re armed and ready to play online poker with PayPal.

PayPal is ideal for players who want to play micro stakes, or just deposit small sums of cash to their online poker site account. By clicking on the banking section of your poker room and selecting PayPal as the deposit option, you can deposit anything from £10 (sometimes as little as £5) up to more sizeable sums. The deposit lands in your account instantly, and there are no fees for this transaction.

Withdrawals are also possible with PayPal. Have a look at the list of withdrawal methods available at your PayPal poker site and select PayPal. From there, you can select the amount you wish to withdraw. Provided you have fulfilled the wagering requirements from any bonuses you may have claimed at the PayPal poker site, your withdrawal should land in your PayPal account within 24 hours. There are usually no any fees for withdrawals, either. Once you have your winnings in your PayPal account, it is up to you if you wish to leave them there or transfer them over to your bank account.

PayPal Poker Fees

Ordinarily, PayPal poker sites don’t charge fees for depositing or withdrawing to and from your account. However, that doesn’t mean to say that some poker rooms won’t, or that PayPal doesn’t charge fees themselves. Should a currency conversion be required (for instance, if you’re playing at a poker room which is offshore and doesn’t offer you local currency) you may find yourself charged with a small fee for that conversion.

A good number of the leading poker rooms will cover that charge for you, but not all of them. PayPal sometimes applies charges to deposit or withdrawals to and from your account, but this is rare and only really occurs with traders and business PayPal accounts, not the standard PayPal accounts that most players use to play at PayPal poker sites.

More Questions About PayPal?…

No. In fact, many online poker rooms do not. Given this, we would always advise that players check out the list of payment methods (particularly those for withdrawals) before they decide to sign up and play at any online poker room. There are, however, ample lists of PayPal poker sites out there which showcase all the leading poker rooms which accept this banking option.

Generally speaking, all major UK online poker rooms accept PayPal. Players in the US are going to find that many Curacao, Panama and Costa Rican licensed poker sites do not accept PayPal. Australian and players based elsewhere in Europe will have a hit and miss experience with PayPal poker sites, depending on the poker room they decide to play at. For UK players, though, none of this is of any concern.

There are many reasons why you may wish to use PayPal. As we’ve said, you can cut-out the risk that your banking details will be stolen when using e-wallets such as PayPal. That added sense of security and the rapid deposit/withdrawal times it brings are of instant appeal to players at poker sites. However, alongside PayPal poker sites, there are other e-wallets which also offer similar features, such as Skrill and Neteller, to name but a few. These are just as good (although Neteller is known to charge hefty fees) but neither is as renowned as PayPal, even if they are more commonly offered at poker rooms.

Yes, PayPal has an inherent mobile app for both iOS and Android users which allows you to deposit and withdraw money from your e-wallet using a smartphone or tablet.

This matter is treated differently across various countries, but overall PayPal does set a certain limit. Mainly, anyone over 18 can use it, although at some countries, users need to be 21 or older.

Not really. A few PayPal poker sites will actually offer players special alternative deposit bonuses if they happen to use PayPal, but not many. These bonuses often consist of a 10-15% bonus on top of whatever you deposit when you choose PayPal. Like we’ve said, though, these bonuses tend to be few and far between.

Absolutely. Even if you are hesitating about using PayPal at online poker sites, we certainly recommend you get a PayPal account. They cost nothing, and almost all major online retailers (such as Amazon) accept PayPal. Once you’ve got an account, you will quickly find that there is very little you cannot do with a PayPal account, including gambling at your favourite PayPal poker sites.

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