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Common Caribbean Stud Poker Mistakes Beginners Make

Posted on  Sep 14, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

Recreational Caribbean Stud Poker players, when asked about their opinions regarding the game, usually say that they like the game because it has easy-to-understand rules and they can play for a long time without exhausting their bankrolls. Thinking in terms of playing as long as one’s bankroll lasts is the worst mistake a Caribbean Stud Poker player can make because, with the implementation of a few basic strategies, one can easily bend the odds in one’s favour and make quite a big pile of money.

Although Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most popular variants of online poker today, many players start wagering real money on it without first understanding its basic rules and strategies, and this is another expensive mistake to make. Players should first focus on understanding the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker and noting how the game is different from the other poker variants out there.

Caribbean Stud Poker is played against the house, not against opponents, and it is associated with a progressive jackpot feature that can be triggered by placing a $1 side bet. The best Caribbean Stud Poker strategy would be to play a few games for free first and then focus on understanding basic and advanced Caribbean Stud Poker strategies.

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Here is a list of some common mistakes that Caribbean Stud Poker players must avoid if they want to make big money:

  • Folding low pairs – Beginners usually make the mistake of folding any pairs lower than five because they feel that there are too many risks involved. The simple truth is that the dealer’s hand will not qualify with an ace and a king 44% of the time, which means that players have slightly more than 50% of a chance to beat the dealer with low pairs.
  • Playing hands with Ace and Queen – Beginners feel that this is one of the most powerful combinations they can ever get. In reality, players who play this hand will win only if the dealer gets nothing. Players should, therefore, fold this hand.
  • Betting at random – Another major mistake Caribbean Stud players make is betting just for the sake of betting. These inexperienced players bluff needlessly without first analysing their hand strength.
  • Not choosing the correct starting hand – Beginners often make the mistake of playing their starting hand without first analysing its strength and potential to win. They feel that they can somehow bluff their way to success.
  • Not implementing basic strategy – Beginners just play Caribbean Stud Poker for the sake of playing it without realizing that the game has a strategy that can definitely improve their chances of winning.

    This strategy requires players to fold their hand if it contains cards weaker than an Ace-King combination, to call only if they have a pair or better, and to call only if they have an Ace-King combination and if one of the other cards in their hand is equal in value to the dealer’s exposed card.

Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive Jackpot Tip

The poker gaming community has two different opinions about activating Caribbean Stud Poker’s progressive jackpot feature with the optional $1 side bet.

  • Some players feel that it is a sucker bet that must be placed only if the progressive jackpot is large enough to take the risk.
  • Some players feel that the progressive jackpot feature must be activated to make the game more adventurous and lucrative.

Players, therefore, can place the $1 side bet depending on their preferences. However, players should remember that, if they get a Royal Flush, they will receive the entire progressive jackpot only if they placed the $1 side bet. If they did not place the $1 side bet, they will only receive a payout of 100 to 1.

Another major mistake that a Caribbean Stud Poker player can make is to refrain from placing the $1 side bet even though the progressive jackpot has become incredibly large. Even if players do not get a Royal Flush, they can win 10% of the progressive jackpot for a straight flush, $500 for a four of a kind, $100 for full house, and $50 for a flush.

To put it in a nutshell, Caribbean Stud players must implement basic strategy, avoid unnecessary bluffing, and place the side bet only if the progressive jackpot is large enough and worth playing for.

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