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How to Make Winning Bets While Playing Omaha Poker Player

Posted on  Sep 11, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

It is essential for a poker online or offline player to have a strong understanding not just of the game rules of the poker variant that he is looking at plying but also of the wagers available, betting limits and betting strategies used in order to follow a proper sequence of placing wagers and winning money on them.

Betting Limits

In all Omaha Poker games, there are minimum and maximum betting limits set for the game. A limit is not a bet, but rather a scale for the bets where players are required to bet no more and no less than the set limits.

Standard Bets in Omaha Poker

There are 4 basic types of standard bets used in Poker and players must know the terms of each bet in order to use it well. Antes, Blinds, Brings and Postings are the 4 types of bets used in poker games, but only 3 bets – namely Antes, Blinds and Postings are used in Omaha Poker.

Antes are simple bets that all the players participating in an Omaha Poker game will have to make as soon as the game begins. This wager is a fixed limit bet – which all the players will have to put in the poker pot before the cards are dealt out. It is a compulsory wager for participation.

The Blinds are optional bets and also have a set amount which players will have to pay. However, there are only 2 blinds to ever game of Omaha Poker – namely the small blind and the big blind. These bets have to paid out by the first two players who are seated to the left of the dealer. The very first player seated next to the dealer will pay out the big blind and the player seated on the left of the small blind or seated second in line to the left of the dealer will pay out the big blind. These bets are position bets.

In a game of Limit Omaha Poker, the small blind bets are fixed to be half the amount of the minimum betting limit and the big blind is fixed to be half the amount of the maximum betting limit. For instance, in a game of $5/$10 Limit Omaha Poker, the big blind will be equivalent to $5 and the small blind will be $2.5.

No Limit Omaha Poker usually sees players betting the maximum as the big blind bet.

Postings are bets made in games that have blind bets, and this is an optional structure that some casinos and poker rooms introduce in their games. Here, players will be required to “post” a certain amount before playing the game. Usually the Post bet is fixed to be the amount of the maximum betting limit and this bet is used in games when the organizers want to increase the size of the pot. Players can wait their turn to post this bet.

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Betting Options

In addition to these standard bets, there are the normal bets that players can place once the game begins. Players must also note that a single game of Omaha Poker can have several rounds of betting.

After the ante and the blinds and if required the Posting bet has been made, the cards are dealt and then the game begins. Most Omaha Poker games have 3 or more rounds of betting, so the pot keeps increasing.

Players also have the option of Calling, Raising, Checking or Passing their bets. Players can make these changes to their bets by expressing the wager verbally to the dealer or with a specific hand gesture.

A call is made when a player believes that you are bluffing your hand and that he possesses a better hand than yours. In this case, the player will match the bet that you make or may a sum a little less than the bet you have just placed.

Raising a bet is when one player decided to add more chips into the pot and raises the bet placed by another.

Players who do not want to bet, call a bet or raise a bet can opt to ‘check’ a bet. This is in essence, to do nothing but merely indicate that you want to stay in the game without betting during a particular round.

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