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Tips to Play a Winning Game at Bonus Pai Gow Poker

Posted on  Sep 13, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

Bonus Pai Gow Poker challenges players to beat the dealer by creating two different poker hands. The game is played against the house, not against other players, which makes the game similar to blackjack and Caribbean Stud Poker.

The highlight of the variant is a bonus feature, which can be triggered by placing a bonus bet, the size of which depends on the overall strength of the seven cards originally dealt to the player.

Playing Bonus Pai Gow Poker is a great pleasure, and players who follow a few strategies can definitely increase their odds of winning.

Learn the Rules

The major Bonus Pai Gow Poker winning strategy is to learn its rules thoroughly. This tip might sound too simple, but one would be amazed at the number of players who wager on Bonus Pai Gow Poker without first understanding its rules and learning its strategies.

Expert players of Bonus Pai Gow Poker advise beginners to play a few games in the free mode first to get familiar with the game and its rules.

Learn Bankroll Management

This is another simple strategy that can help players win most online casino games. Players should first determine how much they can afford to lose or win playing Bonus Pai Gow Poker. They should bet within this limit and quit the game as soon as they have won or lost the pre-determined amount. On no account should players chase their losses or bet more than they can afford to.

Here is a great video tutorial on how to play Pai Gow Poker

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Both Hands are Equally Important

Bonus Pai Gow Poker beginners make the mistake of giving more importance to their five-card hand. Players must give equal importance to both Pai Gow Poker hands as they are equally important and play a major role in helping players win the game. The focus should be on creating two excellent hands with the aim of winning them both.

The Bonus Feature

Most Bonus Pai Gow Poker players tend to forget that this variant is a combination of two games rolled into one. The first game is the usual Pai Gow Poker game, which requires players to create one big five-card hand and one small two-card hand. The second game is the bonus feature, which requires players to place the bonus bet.

Pai Gow Poker pays even money on both winning hands, but winning the bonus bet can make players very rich indeed. In the first place, the bonus bet has nothing to do with the rest of the Pai Gow Poker game; instead, it pays players on the strength of the original seven cards dealt to them. The most interesting thing about the bonus feature is that it is not played against the dealer; instead, players get paid depending on the quality of the original seven cards dealt to them.

The bonus bet pays 2 – 1 on a five-card straight, 3 – 1 on a three of a kind, 4 – 1 on a five card flush, and 8,000 – 1 on a seven card straight flush. For example, if players placed a bonus bet of $2 and got a seven card straight flush, they will become richer by $16,000, which is lots more than the prizes that can be won playing the usual Poker games.

Hot Tips

Here is a collection of hot tips to help Bonus Pai Gow Poker players improve their chances of winning:

  • Players must make sure that the value of their two-card hand is lower than the value of their five-card hand. For instance, they must avoid placing a pair in their two-card hand unless their five-card hand has something better than a pair.
  • If players’ original seven-card hand comprises two pairs, the pair of lower value must be placed in their two-card hand. However, a lot depends on the value of the other cards in their hand.
  • Players will definitely win if they have a flush or a straight, owing to which they must place these combinations in their five-card hand and leave the rest for the two-card hand.
  • An interesting strategy is to place their best card in their five-card hand and the second and third best hands in their two-card hand.
  • Players can use the Joker to create a flush or a straight. In all other conditions, the Joker assumes the value of an Ace.

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