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Common Mistakes Preventing Razz Poker Success

Posted on  Sep 14, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

Poker players who have just begun playing Razz will end up making a number of expensive mistakes, which is quite natural for any Razz beginner. However, the most unforgivable mistake a Razz beginner can make is refusing to learn from his/her mistakes. Players can learn a number of valuable lessons and perfect their Razz strategies only by making mistakes. If a Razz beginner is not having any success, it is time for him/her to stop playing, evaluate his/her performance, and learn a few Razz strategies and tips.

Here are five mistakes that Razz players must avoid at any cost:

Mistake #1: Chasing cards of no value

Most Razz beginners are guilty of making this mistake. They tend to think that their mediocre or poor starting hand will somehow become better as the game progresses. In spite of having a poor starting hand, many Razz players will stick around for a couple of betting rounds although the best option for them is to fold their cards.

Razz is not a game of luck. Although a slight dose of luck is essential for players to win, Razz is basically a game of skill and strategy. Any experienced poker player can confirm that no amount of luck in the world can help them with their bad cards.

As soon as players are dealt their cards, they should analyse them carefully and then study the cards on the board. If they feel that they do not stand much of a chance, they must not hesitate to fold their cards.

Mistake #2: Folding good hands

Many Razz players fail to recognize a good hand when they see one. For example, if players get three low cards in their hand and their face-up card is the lowest on the board, they have got a hand that can be played with success.

Watch a online video on the Basics of Razz:

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Mistake #3: Raising unnecessarily

Razz beginners should avoid raising unnecessarily and, worse still, getting into raising competitions with their opponents. Players can raise once to show their opponents that they have a worthy hand, and if they do so, a player with a lower card might try to steal the pot by re-raising. In such a case, players can call or even re-raise if they are that confident about their hand, but they should avoid getting into a raising race. The next card dealt could wreck their chances and players must reserve their chips for something really good.

Mistake #4: Following strategies rigidly

Players do not have to follow strategies rigidly. Strategies exist as guidelines only; they are not hard and fast rules. Instead, players must take into consideration a number of factors such as hand strength, chip stack size, opponent behaviour, and so on before making a move. A strategy can be used only if it is best thing to do under those particular gaming circumstances.

Mistake #5: Slow playing

Beginners often misunderstand the strategy of slow playing, which is usually used as a pot-building strategy by players who have exceptionally good hands.

Players should slow play only when they have a really strong hand and one of their opponents is an aggressive player who keeps raising. Players who slow play usually check and call as long as they can and then suddenly begin raising and re-raising to make the pot as large as possible. This strategy works only if players are 100% confident about the strength of their hand and are absolutely sure that they have already beaten their opponents.

Other Common Razz Mistakes

Here are some more Razz mistakes that players must avoid if they want to win the pot.

  • Playing in a rash and impatient manner – Razz should be played in a calm, cool, and alert state of mind. Players must understand that they cannot always get the best cards.
  • Playing without a bankroll management strategy – Several Razz players do not realize the importance of bankroll management. They should have enough chips to place at least 16 big blinds although the exact amount depends on individual bankroll strategies.
  • Chasing losses – Players cannot force the game to yield an outcome they desire. If they do not have a good hand, they just do not have a good hand. It is better to accept this gracefully and fold one’s cards, instead of repeatedly betting on them in the hopes of winning.

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