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How to Win a Razz Poker Tournament

Posted on  Sep 13, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

All poker players, irrespective of the poker variant they specialize in, understand that the strategy used for cash games cannot be used for tournament play. Again, strategies vary from one type of tournament to the other. For example, players cannot use Sit ‘N’ Go strategy for multi-table tournaments and vice versa.

Similarly, Razz poker tournaments have their own poker strategies, and learning these strategies will help players achieve the success they desire. Here are five interesting strategies revealed by professional Razz poker players:

    1. Keep track of the face-up cards
      Razz players need to stay alert as they have to absorb a lot of information at the table. They not only have to study and analyse their own cards, but also observe their opponent’s gestures, betting patterns, and behaviours besides keeping track of their opponents’ face-up cards.The value of opponents’ face-up cards clearly inform players whether they should fold or remain in the hand. For this reason, players must make a careful note of all the face-up cards as soon as they have been dealt.

      Razz does not require its players to have a super duper memory power, but it definitely requires them to keep track of the face-up cards, remember them, and make a list of cards they need to create a strong Razz hand. For instance, if most of the face-up cards are those that players require to create a better hand, folding is the best option for them.

    2. Fold at the right time
      Players can become great tournament players if they learn the art of folding at the right time. The folding rule for Razz is simple—fold whenever you feel that you will definitely not win. A player might get a wonderful starting hand, but there is no guarantee that wonderful starting hands lead to the pot. If the hand goes sour at any point of the game, players should not hesitate to fold.

Learn the Basic Rules for Razz Poker using the video below

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  1. Play the tournament as long as possible
    One of the major goals of Razz tournament players is to stick to the table as long as possible, at least till the bubble, where they can grab a slice of the jackpot. This will ensure that players will get back their buy-in and make a small profit without running into any loss. While the ideal thing that can happen to a Razz tournament player is to emerge as the last man standing, the second best thing that can happen is to last at least till the bubble and win a share of the jackpot.The ideal strategy would be to play tightly and passively till most of the loose and aggressive players have been knocked off the table. Players should have the patience to wait for all the bad players to leave the table, and once they reach the bubble, they can loosen up their gaming style a bit.
  2. Thinning the Field
    Razz is not just a game of creating the best hand; it also involves building the pot and eliminating opponents. Players who got an excellent starting hand can consider raising the pot or re-raising it if an opponent had already raised it. This will scare a number of players with poor to average hands to fold and quit the game. The objective of raising and re-raising is to make the player field as thin as possible and take you closer to the pot. Players can get back to calling once the game has reached the three-handed or heads-up stage.
  3. Be patient and disciplined
    Razz Poker players need to have the infinite patience to wait for the best starting hands because losing patience and chasing poor hands is the worst mistake a Razz player can make. Players should not hesitate to fold again and again till they get the best starting hand. Losing one’s cool is quite possible, especially when opponents are not on their best behaviour, but talented Razz players know that they have to stay calm and alert in order to make the right decision at the right time.Razz is just not the right game for people who are depressed, sad, or bored. Instead, players should be fresh and alert while playing Razz Poker. They should also make sure that they are not distracted by pets, TV, ringing phones, family members, and others while playing Razz because they need to pay 100% attention.

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