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How to Win Big and Lose Less at Razz Poker

Posted on  Sep 11, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

Razz Poker is not as popular as the game of Texas Hold ‘Em, one of the most common poker variants played both in online and brick and mortar casinos, but is fast picking up a strong fan base in the online poker community.

Razz Poker is one of the segments of a H.O.R.S.E poker game and as a result, players who want to win H.O.R.S.E poker tourneys such as those featured in the World Series of Poker, will have to master this game.

If you have an idea of how the game of Omaha Hi-Lo Poker works, especially in regard to getting the lowest hand, you will have no problem with game like Razz Poker – where the objective is to get the lowest hand value as possible. It must be kept in mind that you need a completely different poker strategy to win here.

Tips of Playing and Winning At Razz Poker

The key of winning at Razz Poker is to make smart bets, which involves knowing when to up the ante and when not to, and of course, to make a wise decision on just how much you can put at risk. To win at this game, players will have to watch their cards and study the game play to get a good hand. Here are some tips at making smart bets and good moves in Razz Poker.

Memorize Poker Hand Values

One of the first things that a player will have to do in order to win at Razz Poker is to study and memorize the various hand rankings and possible hands in poker before beginning this game. Only after learning about the best low ranking hand values can a player expect to win at this game. Players will have to get a lower hand than their opponents to win at Razz Poker. The best hand that a player can get is A to 5.

Watch a online video on the Basics of Razz:

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Learn the Rules of the Game and System of Betting

In a game of Razz Poker, a player is issued 3 cards, of which 2 are facing down and one faces up. Razz Poker has 5 rounds of betting, with the first 2 being fairly lower compared to the last three which are high bets. Most games of Razz Poker seat 8 players – so you will need to expect competition. There is a very clear structure to the method of play and arrangement to a Razz Poker game, and players are advised to play the game online in a free play mode or practice it in a few home poker games before taking it to town. Once you know how the game works, then you can attempt to play real money and work up to big betting limit games.

Alter Betting Strategy Based On Limits

Players will have to alter their betting strategy based on the betting limits for the game. For instance, players will not be able to use the same poker betting strategy with Pot Limit Razz Poker that they would have used with Fixed Limit Razz Poker. Also, since Razz Poker has 5 rounds of betting, which sees the wagering limits increase with each round, poker players will have to keep adapting their strategy to keep up with their 7 opponents.

Count the Cards

Card counting is something that players will need to figure out to gain an upper hand in a game of Razz Poker. When making bets, calling and raising a bet or going all-in, having some knowledge of what cards are still left in the stack to be dealt will go a long way. For instance, if you are looking to make a wheel hand, which is a hand of A to 5, and 3 Fours have already been discarded, your chances of securing a 4 are almost remote. As a result, you will need to figure out what other possible hand can help you and make your bets accordingly.

Tight-Aggressive Way to Play

Razz Poker is a game that suits a style of tight  -aggressive game play. Here, players should concentrate hard on the game in order to win and cannot afford to multi-table with big pots. When you have a really good hand, it is then that you can let go and place big bets and make strong calls. However, if you are good at reading player psychology then you can make a call when you feel a player is bluffing.

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