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Strategies for Advanced Razz Poker Players

Posted on  Sep 17, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

Razz Poker players who have thoroughly understood basic and intermediate Razz strategies are now ready to master some advanced stuff. However, before reading any advanced strategies, Razz players make sure that they thoroughly understand the rules of the game and can play it well.

Top Advanced Razz Poker Strategy – Understanding Opponents

Advanced players must understand the four types of Razz players and analyse their moves carefully. Maintaining notes on opponents help advanced players remember their opponents even if they disappear for a few weeks or months.

The Razz tables are usually populated with:

    • Tight, aggressive players – Players can easily identify the tight, aggressive opponent. These players play very carefully and do not hesitate to fold a bad hand. Simultaneously, they get very aggressive if they get that dream hand they have patiently waited for. If the table has a tight and aggressive player and if you have a weak or mediocre hand, the best option for you is to fold and leave the game.
    • Tight, passive players – Identifying a passive player is not that easy, but it can be done. A passive player who is also tight folds almost all weak and mediocre hands and is willing to wait for that big hand. However, they are not like the aggressive players who make it quite obvious that they have got a great hand.

      Whenever they get a good hand, passive players slow play so that as many fish as possible contribute to the pot. Advanced Razz players must keep an eye on such players. If a player usually folds, but is hanging on to a hand this time and is unusually quiet, it means danger. He/she has a great hand, and if you are holding a weak or mediocre hand, you had better fold.Bluffing is also an excellent strategy to use on a table with plenty of tight players. Since tight players do not like losing their money, a bit of bluffing can scare them away and give you the chance to steal the pot. If your bluff convinces them that you truly have a monster hand, you can actually get them to fold.

Learn the Basic Rules for Razz Poker using the video below

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    • Loose, aggressive players – While the loose and aggressive opponent is easy to beat, players should never underestimate him/her. Loose players stick around acting as if they have a big hand, while actually they have a wretched hand. Since loose players have plenty of cash to splash around and do not really care about the game, serious Razz players can device any number of ways to separate them from their money.

      Loose players stick to calling, but if they suddenly get a better hand, they will start raising and re-raising, which is when they start getting really dangerous. If a loose player raises, one must re-raise them only if one has something really good.Loose, aggressive players enjoy chasing cards till the last minute, and if they get really lucky, they might catch a great card during the last phases of a game, which can be very frustrating for the serious Razz players. But nine times out of ten, players who play loosely and aggressively just serve the purpose of building the pot for the advanced Razz player.

    • Loose, passive players – These players are very difficult to predict because, although they play loosely and contribute a lot to the pot, they are very cunning and adept at slow playing. An advanced Razz player can make plenty of money from a loose, passive player, but he/she might lose a considerable portion of his/her chip stack because of the slow playing involved.

      The best strategy to use with these players is to play as tight a game as possible, but advanced Razz players must be very careful about these players because they can never analyse correctly the nature of their hand. Once Razz players learn to identify loose, passive players, nothing can beat them at the game.

Ideal Gaming Style

The simple truth is that there is no ideal gaming style. The more unpredictable players are, the harder it becomes for their opponents to analyse their moves.

Advanced Razz players adopt a mixture of tight, loose, passive, and aggressive styles of gaming depending on a wide range of factors such as hand strength, chip stack, limits, and opponents’ behaviour, to mention just a few.

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