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How to Make Your Texas Hold’em Bankroll Last

Posted on  Sep 13, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

Even the most talented Texas Hold’em players tend to burn their bankrolls and end up broke. Bankroll management is an art that is learned over time, but poker players can put in some conscious effort to learn it faster so that they can rake in profits faster.

Bankroll management for online play vs. live play

Poker experts say that it is easier to manage your bankroll when playing live poker. On the other hand, online poker players ought to be more careful because online poker games, especially the high-speed poker variants, move at top speed and opponents are tougher.

Online poker players, therefore, need to exercise more self-control and discipline while playing their favourite online poker games. The World Wide Web is packed with valuable information on how to manage one’s Texas Hold’em bankroll and earn poker profits, and before wagering real money on online poker games, players should invest some time in going through this information.

Meanwhile, here are some great tips that will definitely help players manage their Texas Hold’em bankrolls better.

How to stick to bankroll limits

This is the golden rule of managing one’s bankroll in Texas Hold’em—never exceed your limits otherwise you will never make any money. The first thing that Texas Hold’em players must understand is that each player has a finite bankroll, one that is bound to exhaust if the player continues to play poker in an irresponsible manner. However, if they play in a responsible manner, they can actually earn a profit. All they need to do is make sure that their bankroll is large enough to see them through the game.

Players must make sure that they never spend more than 5% of their total bankroll on one poker table. But there is nothing to stop individual players from increasing or decreasing that number depending on their financial condition. For instance, they can make up their minds that they will not spend more than 10% of their total bankroll on one poker table or more than 2% of their total bankroll on one poker table.

Discover the basic of How to play Texas Holdem with this video below

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Poker is a serious game

While it is true that poker is an entertaining game, one should never undermine the seriousness of playing online Texas Holde’m for real money. Players should therefore be very careful before coming to a decision because the slightest mistake can lead to huge losses.

  • Focus
    Focus is of great importance in poker, and if players cannot concentrate on the game, they had better not play poker. Players should make sure that the place is free from distractions and disturbances before playing a game of real money poker. The biggest mistake a poker player can make is to watch movies or browse the Internet while playing real money Texas Hold’em.
  • Avoid playing for the wrong reason
    You will have fun playing poker; however, players who play poker just to overcome feelings of intense boredom will end up feeling miserable because they will have exhausted their entire bankroll.It is important to realize that poker has got its boring moments. The game simply doesn’t move forward sometimes, and if players are already bored, they will make wrong moves, thereby putting their bankrolls in danger.
  • Be comfortable
    Players should make themselves as comfortable as possible before playing poker. They should make sure that they are seated on a comfortable chair and have had a good meal. Discomfort and hunger can prevent players from making the right decisions, and as previously mentioned, one wrong decision can lead to huge losses in poker.

Select the right game

Selecting the right online poker game is part of bankroll management strategy. If a player is comfortable playing Omaha, he/she must focus only on Omaha games. Trying to wager real money on a NL Texas Hold’em game, in this case, would be just asking for trouble. The best Omaha player can lose a game of Texas Hold’em if he/she does not understand its rules and strategies well.

Similarly, players who are not comfortable with cash games must avoid them; instead, they must choose a format they are comfortable with.

Valuable Tips

  • Stick to bankroll limits.
  • Bankroll should be equal to 300x the big blind for Texas Hold’em.
  • Avoid chasing losses.
  • Know exactly when to quit.
  • Be alert and make the right decisions
  • Keep track of your gaming activities

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