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Tips to Win While Playing Multiple Texas Hold’em Tables

Posted on  Sep 17, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

A number of advanced Texas Hold’em players find it very boring to play at one table. In such cases, players start playing at several tables simultaneously in a bid to re-capture the thrill, action, and adventure of the game. Multi tabling guarantees high speed action, enabling players to play several hands per hour and increasing their chances of winning. It is also a great way to earn more loyalty points at online poker rooms.

Before attempting to multi table, players must understand that it is not a joke. In other words, multi tabling can be great fun only if players understand the rules, know the strategies, and have acquired a specific level of skill and expertise playing Texas Hold’em Poker.

Multi tabling is not scary

Many Texas Hold’em players feel scared to multi table although they are talented players who have enough experience playing Texas Hold’em player. Players who refuse to multi-table are denying themselves one of the greatest pleasures of online poker. Almost all online poker rooms in the industry give players a chance to play at multiple tables; besides, the games are customized to suit players with varying bankroll sizes and levels of expertise.

Players can choose the number of tables they would like to play at depending on their skill, knowledge of strategy, and level of expertise. Most beginners prefer playing two tables at a time, and when they gain some confidence, they start playing four to five tables. The good news is that players can play as many tables as they can.

Most beginners, who are terrified of playing too many tables at a time, demand to know the benefits of multi tabling. Playing at multiple tables is meant only for talented and experienced players who know what they are doing, not for novices who are still struggling to understand basic rules and strategies. A really good player can plump his/her bankroll in no time by playing multiple tables at a time.

Discover the basic of How to play Texas Holdem with this video below

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It is not a piece of cake either

Similarly, many beginners are over confident and jump into multi tabling without realizing the seriousness of it. Multi tabling could be fun, but it is very difficult to win while playing at multiple tables at the same time. Players who play multiple Texas Hold’em tables find themselves losing more often than winning.

Here are some tips for players who play multiple tables:

Patience – Players need to be very patient while playing multiple tables. If they lose their cool even for a second, they will end up making expensive mistakes.

Quick decisions – If players want to multi table successfully, they must learn the art of making quick decisions. Fortunately for multi tabling poker players, there is no dearth of software programs to help them play Hold’em at multiple tables. While some of these software tools are available free of charge, some of them are available for a fee.

Focus – Stay focused. Patience, determination, and concentration are very important for players who want to play multiple Texas Hold’em players. Before trying to play multiple tables, players must make sure that the environment is free from distractions.

Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management strategies go a long way in helping multi table Texas Hold’em players to win. Players should remember that their aim is to minimize losses and maximize profits, and in order to keep the losses as minimal as possible, they should learn to manage their bankroll well.
Players who want to play multiple Texas Hold’em tables must make sure that they have a good-sized bankroll, and once players have determined the size of their bankrolls, they must play within their bankroll limits. If they exceed their limits, they could lose their entire bankroll.

3 Requirements for Multi Tabling Success

Players require 3 important qualities for success at playing multiple Texas Hold’em tables. They are:

  • Skill – Since players need to be exceptionally skilful while playing multiple Texas Hold’em tables, they shouldn’t attempt it without first practising at single tables.
  • Luck – Although Hold’em is a game of skill and strategy, players will need a generous dose of luck to win the pot.
  • Discipline and focus – To win the pot in Hold’em, players should be focused, patient, and disciplined; otherwise they will end up making the wrong decisions.

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