AIPoker Debuts in South Korea and Introduces New Business Model

AIPoker Debuts in South Korea and Introduces New Business Model December 6, 2018 December 6, 2018 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Dec 6, 2018 | Updated on  Dec 6, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

ai pokerThe AI Foundation, which bases itself out of Singapore, has proceeded to launch its first project outside of the country. On December 4, the AIPoker platform debuted in Seoul, South Korea. This makes it the first online poker room around the world that incorporates artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and big data.

The project itself was announced and revealed at the “99EX Global Launching Conference & Initial Project Launching Introduction”.

The team behind the AI Poker platform has over 10 years’ experience working in the world of online poker in Greater China. Over the years, this team has put together various online gaming platforms, whilst also creating offline events in large-scale settings. Additionally, they have been responsible for the creation of poker clubs, TV programs, industrial media and much more surrounding the Texas Hold’em version of poker.

While crafting all of this, the team went on to launch the offline event known as “CPC China Poker Game Carnival”, which took place in Hainan, China. It became one of the very few events that were officially certified by the Chinese government. So far, the event has taken place five times over and has attracted more than 10,000 players. And these players have come from all corners of the world. The bonus that was available in the Main Event of the 2017 CPC went on to surpass the $1.6 million mark.

Meanwhile, the entire team worked on developing its own management system. This became known as Match Manager – something that would be used to manage a mass of competitors playing in large-scale offline games.

Poker Gameplay with Artificial Intelligence

During the launch of the AI Poker platform, the team spoke of the core gameplay being based on the company’s technological patents. By this, it means that there’s an automatic strategy system in place, which is able to perform strategies created by humans. This will go on to dramatically alter the gameplay of traditional online poker games. Through the platform, users are able to create and edit strategies that the machine will apply to masses of poker games.

With this in mind, players have the ability to participate in a larger number of poker games than what is the current norm. Once a player wins a game, the person who created the strategy in use will get a share of the revenue from such.

The team behind the AI Poker platform has the belief that the open, traceable and transparent features coming from blockchain technology will assist with the industry solving difficult problems, too. For example, the difficulty in making payments and exchanges, and incidents of player or platform cheating. Legit poker players throughout the world will also be able to benefit from the channel of providing a convenient payment method that blockchain technology provides.

Speaking of online poker and blockchain technology, the chairman of AIGame Foundation, Dong Wang, said that the two are “naturally matched”. With the launch of AI Poker, the company is looking to completely overturn the industry via the integration of blockchain technology.

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