Brandon Adams Quits Galfond Challenge Early After $370K In Losses

Brandon Adams Quits Galfond Challenge Early After $370K In Losses August 25, 2021 August 25, 2021 Juanjo Cato
Posted on  Aug 25, 2021 | Updated on  Aug 25, 2021 by Juanjo Cato

Brandon AdamsBrandon Adams was the latest poker player to accept the Galfond Challenge and take on Phil Galfond who is one of the best players in pot-limit Omaha. The challenge took place on and there were some who expected Adams to give Galfond a tough challenge.

The pot-limit Omaha online challenge between the two players required them to play $100/$200 PLO stakes across 10,000 hands. When around 30 percent of the hands were played, Adams suddenly made the decision that it was in his best interests to quit rather to keep playing.

Adams had a terrible start and had soon accumulated over $270,000 in losses. The terms and conditions for the Galfond Challenge also had a side bet attached to it.

The side bet stated that if Adams decided to quit the Challenge, he would have to pay out an additional $100,000. Even with this side bet in place, Adams decided that it made more financial sense for him to quit than to keep playing and pile on his losses.

By quitting early on, Adams incurred more than $370,000 in losses. These huge losses will definitely be a tough pill for Adams to swallow, especially when you add to the fact that he lost another $16,500 to Phil Galfond during the start of this month during a poker game at the new Resorts World Las Vegas casino resort.



Phil Galfond Dominates Galfond Challenge

Phil GalfondPhil Galfond has done really well for himself with his namesake Galfond Challenge. He has not only won a lot of money via the challenge but it has also boosted his brand image and the increased publicity has also helped his Run It Once (RIO) online poker site get more attention.

Galfond has played four challengers during the last two years and has won all four matches. His first match against “VeniVidi1993” was arguably the toughest challenge as Galfond had to come back from over $1 million in losses and win. His second challenge was a lot easier against “ActionFreak” and he won by over $114,000.

His third challenge was against Chip Leader Coaching founder Chance Kornuth. This was played over 35,000 hands and for over a month Galfond was trailing but bounced back to win by $726,000. His fourth challenge against Adams was the easiest of them all.

There is talk that Dan Cates could be the next one to accept the Galfond Challenge.

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