Can Pennsylvania Be of Any Assistance to Online Poker in the US?

Can Pennsylvania Be of Any Assistance to Online Poker in the US? April 15, 2018 April 15, 2018 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Apr 15, 2018 | Updated on  Apr 15, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

pennsylvania online pokerThe United States may be moving towards a more liberal online gambling market, regardless of how slow the introduction of such seems to be. Alas, despite this being the case, online poker doesn’t seem to be bringing in as many customers as originally expected. New Jersey hasn’t managed to make it flourish in any kind of meaningful way, even five years after its initial launch there. That’s why many people are now turning their attention towards Pennsylvania – where online gambling has recently become a legal activity.

Predictions for online gambling in Pennsylvania see it beginning early on in the autumn and with such a launch, various questions exist. The biggest question relating to this is whether or not the state will be able to provide good enough results and figures in terms of uptake and interest from its residents. And could this then lead to more states becoming interested in legalising online poker?

Many are looking for the Pennsylvania online poker market to take a completely different direction to that of New Jersey. Revenue from The Garden State has been somewhat disappointing, and some believe that because of this, other states have chosen not to legalise it. And while it is moving into the interstate poker network with Delaware and Nevada, this isn’t really looked upon as being a solution to the problem.

So, why exactly is online poker failing in the United States?

Opportunities and Options Failing

As it stands right now, poker players from the US who choose to wager at online poker rooms within are quite limited in what is available. This differs to if they opt for offshore poker rooms, and people, especially gamers, enjoy more choice. Online poker doesn’t hold much of a draw in Delaware or Nevada either and this is why bringing their respective poker room prize pools together with that of New Jersey is their current best option. However, if Pennsylvania was to also incorporate itself into this, it could provide the significant boost that the market needs.

Perhaps there isn’t any other US state that will provide more pure gaming opportunity than Pennsylvania by the end of this year. Once everything is sorted with applications, online gambling will join possibilities with land-based establishments, truck stops and more, and even new mini casinos are said to be on the way. Even the state’s lottery is becoming a part of the online world too. Therefore, residents won’t have limited options of how they can bet by the time 2019 rolls around. Especially if the Supreme Court legalises sports betting across the country.

Now it remains to be seen if citizens of Pennsylvania will be able to provide the boost to online poker in the US market that it so desperately needs. It’s in dire need of more players, which the Keystone State can very much offer up. Whether or not this will see the US poker scene become a bigger entity is something that time will tell.

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