Network Issues Forces Revolution Skin ZetPoker To Shut Down Operations

Network Issues Forces Revolution Skin ZetPoker To Shut Down Operations June 17, 2013 June 17, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jun 17, 2013 | Updated on  Jun 17, 2013 by Tim Glocks

ZetPokerOnline Poker has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the last few years. Black Friday was the biggest downside as online poker was termed illegal in the United States. However, online gambling is slowly fighting to gain entry once again into the United States but there are still major concerns that confront the gambling industry.

Recently, ZetPoker, a small and not so popular skin on the Revolution Gaming Network announced that it has suspended operations temporarily because it has not yet been paid from its network. The company recently published a statement on its website, that it will be

pursuing all avenues to secure the timely receipt of players payments who was in the past known as ZetPoker.EU has informed players that it will keep the updated of any further developments.

BTG Gaming, a sportsbook-focused online gaming operation which is situated in Curaco owns and operates ZetPoker. BTG Gaming is a popular gaming company and is affiliated with a number of premier brands such as Betting Champs, Daily Dime, DimeLine, Latino Poker, WagerUp.EU, PurePoker, LinesMaker.EU, VIPSports.EU, Sportsbook.CA and Neverfelted.EU. However, all of these brands who have online poker rooms on the Revolution network continue to remain active and have not released any statements to their players.

The main reason behind ZetPoker suspending operations immediately is mainly due to non payment. The statement from ZetPoker went on to state that the reason behind the shutdown of operations

is due wholly to the fact the has not received any player settlement payments from the network/operator for some time.

This is not the first time that the Revolution network has been accused of slow payment. Back in March 2013, Adamevepoker had also suspended payments to its players because once again there was a lack of settlement of payments from the Revolution network.

The Revolution network has been confronted with major payment problems both in the US and non US player base. Due to the rising complains by its players and affiliates, a number of professional players and premier advertising companies have decided to withdraw their advertising and endorsements and no longer work with Revolution.

The Revolution network is yet to release a statement or respond to ZetPoker. However, the publicity is not doing any good to Revolution and they will soon have to address the issue of slow payment or come up with a solution that gives its sponsors and players the assurance that all will be well.

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