888 Holdings Enters a Strategic Alliance with WMS Gaming

888 Holdings Enters a Strategic Alliance with WMS Gaming July 6, 2012 July 10, 2012 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Jul 6, 2012 | Updated on  Jul 10, 2012 by Tim Glocks

The US government’s stance towards legalizing online gaming has been slowly changing over the past few months. While some states have got their bill passed, some have them in the pipeline. Nevada is the first state in the United States to go pro-online gaming and are in the process of setting a mainframe, to regulate the online gaming traffic within the state.

Recently, many more gambling companies have dived in to cash-in on the opportunities opened up by this new legislation. UK based 888 Holdings plans to tap into this resource; and in-view of the current scenario, has decided to form a strategic alliance with WMS Gaming Inc.

888 Holdings will offer online poker products to WMS’ casinos. To start with, the collaboration plans to release free-to-play games to the public before eventually going to the play-for-money online poker games. This plan, however, would be largely based on the local legislative rules and federal legislations in place in any state. 888 Holdings, in partnership with WMS Gaming have applied for e-gambling licenses in the State of Nevada, and is pending a final decision.

Orrin J. Edidin, President of WMS Gaming in a recently press release stated that,

Aligning our efforts with 888 Holdings will allow WMS to provide our casino operator customers with the capabilities and benefits from one of the world’s most experienced online poker operators, which will significantly support their efforts to benefit from online poker in the United States, as it becomes legal.

In a statement released by Brian Mattingley, CEO of London based 888 Holdings; he claimed that

WMS Gaming was one of the main suppliers of casino gaming in the US; they have an established network of relationships with their casinos that are second to none. A combination of 888 Holdings’ cutting edge online poker platform and WMS Gaming’s strong customer relationships, marketing and distribution capabilities; will create a strong online presence.

The partnership between 888 Holdings and WMS Gaming Network, will offer 888’s state of the art online poker platform to its casino customers. This move is expected to increase player pools significantly. 888 Holdings will be able to leave its mark in this emerging legalized online poker market in the United States. It will also give the company the chance to grow as a recognized and reputable gaming firm, with a rock-solid US partner.

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