Carbon Poker to Cancel Rakeback Program

Carbon Poker to Cancel Rakeback Program January 24, 2013 January 24, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jan 24, 2013 | Updated on  Jan 24, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Carbon- Poker LogoCarbon Poker, an online poker room on the Merge Network, recently announced that it will cancel its rakeback program, with effect from Jan 31. Carbon Poker had once cancelled its rakeback program for a few players in June 2011, but this time the online poker room will cancel its rakeback program for good.

Players, who were taking part in this rakeback program, at Carbon Poker and Aced Poker, will be moved into the VIP program. So far, Carbon Poker is the only Merge Gaming skin to make the above announcement.

Carbon Poker rewards players for loyalty and wagering activities with VIP points, and based on the number of VIP points earned, players will be assigned VIP tiers such as Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Ether, each of which is associated with rakeback offers. While Earth, which happens to be the lowest VIP tier at Carbon Poker, offers 12 percent rakeback, Ether, which happens to be the highest VIP tier, offers 45 percent rakeback. According to Carbon Poker’s announcement VIP pointed obtained through the old rakeback program will be considered expired on Jan 31.

Merge Gaming recently lost major skins such as Lock Poker, RPM Poker, Chip Poker, and Hero Poker. While Lock Poker withdrew from the network after acquiring Cake Poker Network, RMM Poker and Hero Poker were shut down and Black Chip Poker shifted to Winning Poker Network. Merge Gaming made a number of software changes; for instance, it cancelled the player-to-player transfer feature.

In its email to its affiliates and players, Carbon Poker stated: Carbon Poker has decided to remove rakeback entirely as of January 31st, 11:59 PM EST. All players will be transferred from the rakeback program to the VIP program.

According to Carbon Poker, the cancellation of the rakeback program puts the operator in the position to

offer larger and more beneficial bonuses.” Besides, it “ultimately allows for an improved distribution of bonuses to our players.

Further listing out the benefits players can look forward to following this move, Carbon Poker stated,

Players can receive similar benefits and rewards as they would have with the rakeback program through our evolving VIP program. Removal of rakeback applies to all existing and new players. Please note that VIP points earned by players in the rakeback program are not transferable.

Carbon Poker, a US friendly online poker room, is a haven of free poker and lucrative poker tournaments and cash games.

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