Chad Elie Reveals FTP Howard Lederer’s Lies

Chad Elie Reveals FTP Howard Lederer’s Lies November 12, 2012 November 12, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Nov 12, 2012 | Updated on  Nov 12, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Chad Elie, the poker payment processor linked to the Black Friday scandal and responsible for providing the means for the Full Tilt Poker site to operate financially transactions in the US, recently started a Twitter war when he tweeted about Howard Lederer.

In his tweet, Elie clearly insinuates that Howard Lederer is lying.

I have never met a payment processor – Howard Lederer.’ Interesting Howard. Do you not remember the MEETINGS we had? What about NYE? 5hr meeting

. His tweet quoted directly from Lederer’s interview where he stated he never met a payment processor.

Lederer’s interview with PokerNews saw the player claim that he was unaware and ignorant of the corrupt going ons at the Full Tilt Poker site and also that he had never met with any payment processors.

Elie’s tweets not just called Lederer out on his blatant lies but also stated that he had photos, some of which were circulated that both Elie and Lederer had met at a social gatherings.

Elie’s tweet caused an uproar on Twitter amongst the player community, many of whom want to hear his story and what really happened with Full Tilt Poker. Daniel Negreanu tweeted

Very interesting account to follow from a payment processor who is going to prison @BlackFridayChad he sheds some light on important stuff.

PokerNews published an article on the subject and tweeted “Chad Elie (@BlackFridayChad) is firing torpedoes of truth about Black Friday.”

Chad Elie is the poker payment processor who pleaded guilty to charges of violating the UIGEA agreement by having facilitated financial transactions between poker sites and US banks. As of now, Elie is facing a couple of years in prison and is sure to have to spend some jail time in the least even if he manages to get his sentence shortened.

Chad Elie also released a picture of an event where Lederer, Elie and Reid were in attendance. “Chad Elie ‏”@OPReport yes this is the pic from that event… Howard talking about online poker to Reid. He was saying how we need clearer laws. Reid just took our checks and ran!”

Elie also commented that he was planning to do an interview on the whole Full Tilt Poker debacle. Elie also posted a few documents and segments from legal counsel files on the subject.

Eventually, the question of the day was, as Tim Marsters tweeted to Elie, “So if @howardlederer lied about not meeting with payment processors in his interviews, what else did he lie about?”

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