Gambling Bigwigs MGM and Caesars Plan Developments for Toronto

Gambling Bigwigs MGM and Caesars Plan Developments for Toronto April 18, 2012 June 14, 2012 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Apr 18, 2012 | Updated on  Jun 14, 2012 by Carolyn J Dawson

MGM and Caesars Planning to Develop In Toronto

A recent news report, revealed that two of the top gambling enterprises in the US, namely MGM and Caesars Entertainment are currently very interested in developing their business and nailing the market in Toronto.

MGM based in Las Vegas is looking forward to creating a large scale development in Canada’s Toronto region, to one that would possibly include entertainment centres, a convention venue and restaurants in addition to the casino.

Simultaneously, even Caesars Entertainment has expressed interest in building a large casino in the area.

According to Jan Jones, executive vice-president of Caesars’’ communications and government relations sector, made it very clear when she said,

“Absolutely, we’re interested. We think it’s a wonderful opportunity; it’s a wonderful tourism city. An integrated resort or an iteration there-of would maximize around-year tourism.”

However, MGM has gone a step ahead of Caesars Entertainment and has recruited lobbyists to get approval form city official in Toronto, making it clear that they are taking this new venture very seriously. Caesars on the other hand has made no such arrangements and appears to be waiting for clarity from the region’s local authorities.

This is on account of the division in opinion when it comes to opening casinos in Toronto. Although the Mayor appears to be in favour of the idea, some of the councilors are not too happy with the idea of what more gambling will do to the city. Mayor Rob Ford commented on the topic saying,

“I’ll meet with anyone. “I’m a businessman. If people want to come to the city and create jobs, I’ll be the first one to sit down at the table with them.”

However, he met with dissension in regards to this plan from councilors. “The issue isn’t the razzle-dazzle of the name of the proponent, the issue is what’s good for Toronto,” a councilor claimed. As a result, the Mayor made it very clear that he would not force the casino into the city, if the city did not want it.

So far, the local authorities have failed to pass two bills relating to online casinos and it remains to be seen, if and when either the MGM Grand or the Caesars Entertainment enterprise will be able to establish their casinos successfully in Toronto.

Michael Thompson, a Councilor spoke up on behalf of the issue.

“Torontonians have not made a decision. I gather the province is extremely excited about moving on this … but at the end of the day they have also said they will not move on this particular issue until council has made a decision,”

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