Last Leader Board Promotion Ends at Party Poker

Last Leader Board Promotion Ends at Party Poker May 7, 2013 May 7, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 7, 2013 | Updated on  May 7, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Party Poker’s last leader board race will come to an end when the present weekly competition concluded on May 5. The online poker room has made an announcement about the promotion’s last days on its main leader board page. While Party Poker’s monthly leader board promotion came to an end in April, the weekly leader board concluded on Sunday.

The online poker site has promised that it will replace its leader board promotion with

a more varied range of tournament-based promotions in the future.

The company, which once used to call itself the world’s favourite online poker site, has now stated in its annual report that poker is its biggest business risks. Party Poker’s business performance has been poorer than those of other online poker companies during the past fiscal year, owing to which it had decided to stop operating in some markets and focus on its strongest points.

Party Poker had withdrawn from 18 South American and EU countries, such as Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Finland, and Greece, last year. On April 30 last year, the company blocked new players from registering at online gambling products operated by The company also sent an email to its affiliates requesting them to remove all related marketing material from their sites. Existing players were allowed to continue using their accounts. A few of the EU countries from which Party Poker withdrew had unfriendly online poker laws.

Now that Party Poker has ended its leader board promotion, it plans to focus on catering to the requirements of its recreational players, which will frustrate its high-stakes and professional players. The online poker site has made several changes such as cancelling its bad beat jackpot, removing the top-most tier of its VIP program, and implementing a policy of player segregation.

A Party Poker spokesperson had tried to explain the online poker room’s player segregation policy, though in rather vague terms. The spokesperson had confirmed that the company is testing a brand new feature, in which poker tables will be graded and new players will be separated from existing players to give them better chances of winning.

Party Poker had publicly announced that it is “testing various features to make poker more fun and entertaining” and is trying to devise ways to enable “players of a similar ability” to play together during the initial phases of their stay at Party Poker. However, the upgrade is yet to be launched.

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