New Jersey To Soon Release Online Gambling Regulations

New Jersey To Soon Release Online Gambling Regulations May 22, 2013 May 22, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 22, 2013 | Updated on  May 22, 2013 by Tim Glocks

New JerseyAfter Nevada legalized online gambling, everyone expected the state of New Jersey to be the next state to follow suit.

Online gambling players in New Jersey will not be disappointed as the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement confirmed that it will officially release all regulations that will govern the states online gambling industry. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is expected to release these details on the 3rd of June 2013.

The DGE has a lot of power in the state as it is officially the main regulator for online gambling activity that is conducted in the state of New Jersey. More importantly, the bill legalizes and regulates gambling in NJ has also given DGE full powers to make decisions on matters concerning the licensing process, the different types of games that can be provided and the rules and regulations that govern all of these games.

The DGE has been busy in formulating a draft of all the regulations it has suggested and this draft copy will also be made available to the public on the 3rd of June. After the official publication of all regulations concerning online gambling in NJ, there will be a period that runs till the 2nd of August 2013. During this time, members of the public have the option of voicing their opinion and leaving their feedback with regards to the new regulations published.

The DGE will go through all the comments and feedback and then will reserve the right to comment or not comment on any of the feedback received. Initial reports suggest that the state of New Jersey will function in a manner that is very much identical to that of Nevada. The entire document that governs all the rules and regulations for the state of New Jersey is expected to be more than 70 pages long.

However, the key points that will get highlighted suggest that all players from within NJ will have the deposits options such as credit card, debit card and casino account transfer; all rules that govern live gambling will also be the same for online gambling, unless explicitly stated otherwise and finally all casinos that offer online gambling must keep strict and detailed records on all account transactions and gameplay. If and when this information is requested by legal authorities, the casinos must be in a position to furnish all relevant information at the earliest.

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