Online Gambling Could Soon Be In Every State in America

Online Gambling Could Soon Be In Every State in America May 14, 2013 May 15, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 14, 2013 | Updated on  May 15, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Online Gambling becoming legalOnline gambling in the US took a step in the right direction on the 30th of April, when the state of Nevada saw the official launch of the first online poker website, Ultimate Poker. This is after nearly a 2 year ban on all online poker websites.

While this is a step in the right direction for poker players in the US, Ultimate Poker is still restricted in many ways as its online poker website can function legally only in the state of Nevada. This is because the US is more keep on legalizing online gambling websites on a state to state basis, rather than legalizing online gambling websites throughout the nation.

However, a number of states are now considering legalizing online gambling and next in line are the states of New Jersey and Delaware. Considering the size of the industry and the number of competitors, it will not be long before online gambling is once again thriving in the US.

The main reason why online gambling was banned in the first place is because there was a nationwide crackdown on online gambling and a number of top companies were forced to shut down their operations on the infamous black Friday which took place during April 2011. This also resulted in a number of key personnel from these companies being arrested, one of whom was John Campos.

In a recent statement, John Campos said

My perspective on it is that [the law for online gambling] is still not clear. Until some of the states start to actually pass the laws and the banks start processing, it’s still pretty nebulous. I think there are still some questions as to implementations. I’m afraid to do anything in that area, because the federal government is scary.

This is also another reason as to why there is still a bit of hesitation with some of the leading online gambling companies, who are still not sure if they want to deal with US players due to the strict laws imposed by the federal department.

However, as these laws get slowly relaxed and become even more transparent, more companies like Ultimate Poker will expand their online gambling operations in the US. Goldman Sachs had estimated in 2009 that the American market for online casinos and poker was a $12 billion dollar industry and with the freeze on online gambling during the last 2 year, the US market has become even more lucrative. It will not be long before we see more online gambling companies start launching their operations, even if it means a slow state-by-state roll-out.

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