Popular Gambling Company 888 Predicts Surge In Revenue From 2015

Popular Gambling Company 888 Predicts Surge In Revenue From 2015 April 23, 2013 April 24, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Apr 23, 2013 | Updated on  Apr 24, 2013 by Tim Glocks

888 holdingsPopular Gambling company 888 Holdings Plc that is based in England, recently announced that it has plans to launch its online poker business in Nevada later this year and also has plans to break into the US Market from 2015 and expand its operations on a large scale.

In the last few years, Las Vegas, Nevada has taken second place to being the gambling capital of the world as Macau has comfortably taken the number one spot. However, the state of Nevada had granted 888 a gambling licence during the month of March and expects 888 to bring in more revenue to the state.

Apart from launching in Nevada, 888 is also interested in getting permission to operate in the state of New Jersey, another popular state that has a large base of online gambling players. 888 expects the state of New Jersey to soon revoke its ban on online betting and wants to be first in line to get a licence in the state.

Brian Mattingley who is the CEO of 888 was confident that his online poker product would be live in Nevada by the 3rd quarter of this year. He confirmed that 888 is waiting for the gaming control board to approve the software and get the final documentation signed.

Mattingley was even more positive about the state of New Jersey, as he confirmed that 888 had plans to open out an online casino as well as a number of popular poker games. This will most definitely bring in more revenue than the Nevada operations as the state of Nevada has limited the license to only online poker and not other online betting games.

A large number of states in the US are taking a friendly view to the gambling law that was earlier passed in 2006. Most of these states are aware of the potential revenue they can get in tax payments and hence are looking to relax and legalize online gambling in the state. If this goes ahead, a large number of European operators will look to venture into the US market and establish operations.

In a statement, Mattingley said “I imagine we will start to see some really influential numbers to our business from 2015” He was very much in favour of the legalization of online gambling and said 888 had big marketing plans to capture a large market share in the US.

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