Singapore Government Considering Ban On Online Poker Sites

Singapore Government Considering Ban On Online Poker Sites December 9, 2013 December 9, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Singapore FlagThe pro’s and con’s concerning online betting websites is not just being debated in the United States. There are number of countries across the world, who are carefully analysing the impact that online gambling could have on their country.

The online gambling market has risen exponentially across the world and one of the biggest markets is the Asian continent.

Singapore is currently considering a ban on all online betting websites and the government is in the process of coming to a decision.

Singapore is one of Asia’s biggest markets in the world when it comes to brick-and-mortar casino markets with an annual turnover of close to $6 billion. Yet, the country has a completely different outlook when it comes to online gambling and internet poker.

Legalizing online betting in Singapore will result in considerable revenue for the state as all revenue will be taxable. However, there are bigger concerns for the Singaporean government.

During the 1st week of December, a Symposium on Casino Regulations and Crime was held and a government official went on record to say

Remote gambling gives us cause for concern [because] is ubiquitously and easily accessible through the Internet and mobile applications, especially by a younger and more tech-savvy generation. The nature and design of the games, especially poker and casino-type games, lend themselves to repetitive play and addictive behavior.

If the ban is rolled out, Singapore will then block all existing internet betting websites and would most likely prohibit domestic casino’s from offering any type of online gambling within their premises. However, the government has not yet decided on banning online gambling and there is a possibility that Singapore might allow online gambling but design strict regulations to ensure that online gambling is run efficiently.

The online betting industry in Singapore is estimated to be around $375 million each year and by applying strict regulations, the country will be able to not only benefit from the online betting market but also remove any illegal and underground online betting games.

The government official went on to say that

From a law and order perspective, remote gambling operations can potentially become a source or conduit of funds for other illegal activities and syndicated crime. These operators are beyond our jurisdiction and they operate without restrictions or limitations on the types of games they can offer or the promotions and advertising they undertake.

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