30,000 Player Poker Tournament At Wembley

30,000 Player Poker Tournament At Wembley March 14, 2013 March 14, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
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ISPT Wembley StadiumTypically, stadiums are venues used to host major sporting events and performances for tens of thousands of spectators.

While many may debate how much poker qualifies as a true sport as compared to physically demanding ventures such as football and basketball, this game of skill and luck will be getting the “big time” treatment as the largest tournament in the history of poker will be hosted at Wembley Stadium.

The Dusk Till Dawn poker club, based out of the UK will be sponsoring the first event of the new so-called International Stadiums Poker Tour. Prosper Masquelier, the co-founder of the ISPT made the alliance with the poker club Dusk Till Dawn official during a recent press conference.

As is only fitting of a major tournament of this scale, the guaranteed first place prize will be seven figures. With a prize pool of at least €20 million, there will be much for the participants to look forward to should they make it to the final table. This is easily one of the larger guaranteed prize pools in all of poker history.

The overall structure of the tournament will start with 30,000 players, who will all compete from their laptops in the stadium, and the 3,000 qualifiers will advance to play real live games at tables set out on the lawn in the stadium.

While the debut of the ISPT is going to make history, sometimes weather doesn’t go according to plan. In the event of inclement weather, the organizers have planned accordingly, arranging for rooms to be made available to continue game play despite adverse conditions.

If you’re looking to skip the initial phase and compete with the 3,000 qualifiers on the field of Wembley, you’ll want to be prepared to spend the €6,000 buy-in to skip ahead. Keep in mind there will be a limited availability of spaces for those looking to take this more expensive route.

10/20 will be the starting blinds for the tournament, and they are expected to increase every 20 minutes, making for a fast pace that will quickly weed out the 30,000 players to 3,000 qualifiers.

This is surely one of the most ambitious live events for a poker tournament and will hopefully be a huge success, as the ISPT is planning on conducting such large scale live events in stadiums across the globe. This could, quite literally, be one of the largest events in sports for 2013.

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