AGCC Sets Up Public Hearing for FTP’s Licence Application

AGCC Sets Up Public Hearing for FTP’s Licence Application April 20, 2012 June 14, 2012 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Apr 20, 2012 | Updated on  Jun 14, 2012 by Carolyn J Dawson

FTP Licence Application to be heard by Public

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission recently announced that it had set up a public hearing to analyze the case of Orinic, a subsidiary of Full Tilt Poker, requesting for a gambling license.

The hearing has been scheduled for the 3rd of May, 2012 at the Braye Beach Hotel in Alderney and the Gambling Control Commission will be accepting oral submissions regarding the issue.

According to the AGCC,

“In the matter of a request by Orinic Limited for a Category 2 eGambling licence, TAKE NOTICE that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, consistent to Section 4 of the Alderney eGambling Ordinance, 2009 and Regulation 23 of the Alderney eGambling Regulations, 2009, will hold a public hearing at which oral cooperation may be made. This hearing will take place at 2.00pm on Thursday 3rd May, 2012 at the Braye Beach Hotel, Alderney.”

This is likely to be a smart and precautionary move on the part of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, which recently underwent a self- financed review to reveal its system of practices and clear its name and reputation with the gambling community. After the incidents of Black Friday, it was revealed that Full Tilt Poker was not handling player funds appropriately and could not pay back its players after it closed. Although the AGCC was not directly responsible for the way Full Tilt Poker managed its funds, it had dealt with the site via a third party and as a result, could not monitor its interactions properly.

If the license goes through without a hassle or glitch arising and Orinic secures its authorization for its category 2 license that will allow it to directly handle player funds, it could mean that Full Tilt Poker may be back in full swing soon.

As of now it would seem that several preparations to get Full Tilt Poker back on track are underway, Pocket Kings Limited, a subsidiary of Full Tilt Poker had announced earlier that it would hiring a good number of poker staff for and immediate and urgent need. The negotiations between Groupe Bernard Tapie seem to be nearing finalization and it looks like the deal will be struck.

Although Full Tilt Poker lost its license on charges of money laundering after the DOJ closed down the site on Black Friday, its subsidiary Orinic did not lose its license. This was because Orinic was not involved in trading. Players and anyone interested in the case of Full Tilt Poker
and Orinic securing license should be quick to voice their complaints or supportive statements at the Alderney public hearing.

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