Anonymous Tables From iPoker Will Now Be Available Across The Network

Anonymous Tables From iPoker Will Now Be Available Across The Network April 8, 2013 April 9, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Apr 8, 2013 | Updated on  Apr 9, 2013 by Tim Glocks

iPoker Network logoThe iPoker Network recently added anonymous tables to its NL cash game offerings and had also tested out the software extensively on Titan Poker. Based on a recent announcement, almost all of the skins available on the iPoker Network will provide anonymous tables.

The software testing on Titan Poker proved to be successful and hence a full roll out has been done across most of the network. Some of these included the special “top tier” rooms, as well as the latest additions such as Everest and Betfair, along with the usual tier rooms like Betfred.

A representative from iPoker speaking on the soft launch, stated

We will pay a close attention to the feedback and requests brought to us by our players’ community, and adjust to meet their needs, in order to provide them with the best poker experience out there”. The network also stated that there will be further assessments on an ongoing basis, which happens with all of the company’s offerings

Once the latest software is upgraded, all of the poker rooms on the network will be able to offer anonymous tables. Currently, anonymous tables are being made available only at NL games in heads-up, with a 6-max and 9-handed tables from NL2 to NL100. There will be more rollouts in the near future but it all depends on positive player feedback.

The representative from iPoker also stated that

Anti-collusion and bots prevention are being handled on Anonymous tables as if there were regular tables. [Anonymity] is merely on the tables, our system and anti-collusion team still recognizes the players and we are fully capable at maintaining the network’s security just as in any other table

While anonymous technology is fast catching on, players who have used the same on popular websites like Microgaming, Bodog and PartyPoker have provided a mixed response of both positive and negative feedback.

Anonymous tables could gain popularity as players do not have to use screen names anymore but will be called by their seat number only, when they choose to play at anonymous tables. As with anything done on the internet, there are the usual concerns raised by players with regards to their safety and security. However, officials from the iPoker Network are working hard to ensure that the identity of the players at these anonymous tables remains safe and the network continues to offer the highest forms of online security.

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