Aria Poker Wants Howard Lederer Banned From Playing Poker

Aria Poker Wants Howard Lederer Banned From Playing Poker November 16, 2012 November 16, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Nov 16, 2012 | Updated on  Nov 16, 2012 by Tim Glocks

To say that Howard Lederer, the ex head of the Black Friday scandal involved site Full Tilt Poker, is not a popular favourite among the poker player community would be the understatement of the year.

Now the Aria Poker room is trying to petition to have Howard Lederer banned from playing poker on its premises. Their player community believes that Howard Lederer should be allowed to play poker while the Full Tilt Poker players are waiting for their money. It has been nineteen months of a wait for the players and so far no head way has been made for the money to be returned.

According to Nick DiVella, a regular poker player at the Aria Poker room,

We believe the casino has a moral and ethical obligation to bar Howard Lederer from playing in the poker room and should Aria casino fail to take immediate action we, the poker playing community, will be forced to boycott the poker room

Nick DiVella is rallying support from other poker players at the Aria Poker room in the hopes of banning Lederer.

DiVella also commented on Twitter.

He doesn’t deserve to play. Maybe this will be the start of a poker black list…From the response I have gotten so far it seems like it will be a huge success.

Howard Lederer has been embroiled as the subject of several negative facing news reports, the most recent of which was the tweets from Chad Elie which more or less called Howard Lederer a liar of the first order. “‘I have never met a payment processor – Howard Lederer.’ Interesting Howard. Do you not remember the MEETINGS we had? What about NYE? 5hr meeting,” he tweeted.

Nick DiVella has already managed to get 50 players to agree to the ban; these players are also willing to sign a petition to request that Howard Lederer be banned. Fortunately, for Howard Lederer, the poker player community is not asking for a permanent ban.

It must also be noted that Howard Lederer has become the figurehead of the Full Tilt Poker scam and that the player community will not rest until Full Tilt Poker players are paid. Howard Lederer is no longer a part of the Full Tilt Poker site but is being held responsible for his apst actions. Also, his interview on the Lederer files was not completely honest as everyone who viewed it was rightfully suspicious about.

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