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Online gambling companies are always looking for ways to innovate and keep their players happy by providing them with the best customer experience possible. The online poker industry is probably the biggest niche where companies have to battle for preeminence in their field. Partypoker tried to do this in 2013, when the company decided it needed an innovative strategy to revamp its entire website and online poker player experience.

Jeffrey Haaspartypoker went ahead with a complete revamp of its poker client and designed the new client and its brand to cater to the recreational player. However, upon launching the new client, partypoker soon found that the new strategy was not bringing them the results they expected. Partypoker players were not impressed by the changes and they took to the forums to express their feelings of disappointment. director of poker, Jeffery Haas admitted in a recent interview that these were challenging times for the company as well as for him.

Haas had to take on the responsibility of analyzing the flaws in the new strategy and then coming up with solutions that would enable partypoker to retain its customers and provide them with the customer experience they desired.

In a statement, Haas said

I think we almost committed genericide with the new branding, which launched in September 2013, because it distilled poker to such a base level that it meant very little to people. It did not have the substance or character required to resonate with players in a meaningful way. So what we have done is taken the product launch and the brand launch and the overall offering and refined it

Haas is now working on the technical part of the product because he firmly believes that partypoker needs to offer customers with a new and innovative gaming experience. Haas disagrees with industry pundits who generally believe that it is safer to offer customers a regular but quality product. He has learnt much during the last 12 months and is determined that partypoker will not make the same mistakes as before. Haas stated that partypoker will not look to recycle an old product but will look to create, innovate and release products that will excite poker players.

Haas went on to say that

We are working with our dot-com product with the intent to provide players a more fun recreational experience that means they play more hands over more sessions with the same bankrolls.

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