Carbon Poker Announces Move of PDC Poker to Aced Poker

Carbon Poker Announces Move of PDC Poker to Aced Poker December 12, 2012 December 12, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Dec 12, 2012 | Updated on  Dec 12, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Carbon Poker, one of the top and reputed online poker brands in the industry, recently announced that it would be closing down one of its poker skins – namely PDC Poker. As per its decision, Carbon Poker which is run by the Merge Poker Network will completely close down the PDC Poker room and transfer all those poker players to another poker skin.

The poker skin that will be taking in all those migrating poker players from PDC Poker is Aced Poker; the transition will take place without any glitches and players are expected to face no inconvenience whatsoever.

The site mad eth announcement to its players via an email which stated news of its closure and explained the transition from PDC Poker to Aced Poker.

We would firstly like to thank you very much for your time and loyalty at PDC Poker. However, as of Tuesday, December 11th @ 7:00 PM EST PDC Poker will be shutting down and migrating to Your account will be safely and securely transitioned to Aced, which we are excited to inform you will be your new home for poker and online gaming.

This migration should only take up to 5 hours and you will be able to login to your account at that point. There will not be any change to your username or password, so you will be able to login with the exact same details you were using at PDC Poker. You will need to download your new Aced Poker Client to get started so ensure you do that with the links provided below

In regards to the reaction to this news from the poker community, many have been surprised, several disappointed. However, it is only after a few weeks and the players move to the new poker room, can the effects be analysed.

According to a news report from PokerFuse,

The streamlining of Carbon’s flagship offerings likely saves the firm some redundant software and maintenance expense, but comes at the cost of retiring what is probably the longest continuously-running skin on Merge, one which actually pre-dates Merge itself.

The PDC Poker skin has been in the poker industry for a long time and it was first established in the year in 2005. Initially, the site was called but this room was then renamed as PDC Poker – which stands for Poker Dot Com.

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