European Nations Cup To Feature Electronic Dealers

European Nations Cup To Feature Electronic Dealers March 8, 2013 March 8, 2013 Tim Glocks
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IFP European Nations CupThe International Federation of Poker has decided to host its very own major poker event this year, called the European Nations Cup. The event will take place in Paphos, Cyprus frombthe 12th to the 15th of April, 2013. It will be hosted at the Annabelle Hotel and the Federation aims to make the event truly one of a kind. The tournament will not feature any cards or dealers. 

The International Federation of Poker will showcase some of the very latest in technology. Players will not be receiving physical cards from a real dealer, instead the cards will be sent to their smartphones by the event’s servers. Best of all, every player’s actions on the 14 tables in the competition will be logged by the system. Viewers whom are tuning in and the actual audience will be able to access the “IFP Player” which enables the ability to rewind and replay every tournament player’s moves as well as real time analysis of their moves.

Many Countries Will Be Sending In Their Own Teams

There are 14 Nations from Europe that will be participating. The list starts with Cyprus (who is the hosting country), Serbia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Estonia, Hungary, Denmark, France, Bosnia and Russia. The countries that manage to enter the top 6 bracket of the competition will be eligible to play in the IFP Nations Cup, which falls later in the year of 2013.

How The Game Plays

The tournament will host Match Poker, which is an alternate version of poker that relies very heavily on playing mind games with opponents and reading tells. The game uses mainly basic concepts from Duplicate Bridge and it allows the use of methods, which organizes both individual players as well as team players from the “luck of the draw” which may grant advantageous or disadvantageous positions that are based entirely on luck

This is why Match Poker tournaments are special as they bring an increased element of luck to the table. The tournament will still be won by players that rely on their own skill and intuitions, however the initial match will be completely random and based on luck.

This is perhaps one of the more prestigious and well known – not to mention bizarre – forms of poker tournaments out there. It will likely attract some of the best players in Europe to compete and there will definitely be fierce competition.

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