Former Victory Poker CEO Dan Fleyshman To Head Ivey Poker

Former Victory Poker CEO Dan Fleyshman To Head Ivey Poker November 6, 2014 November 6, 2014 Tim Glocks
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Dan FleyshmanIvey Poker and Ivey League subscribers were recently informed by Phil Ivey that both websites would go through a major makeover in order to provide them with a better user experience. Phil Ivey, considered to be one of the greatest poker players alive wants to ensure his companies pioneers the latest technology and games available on the poker circuit.

Ivey has decided to hire Dan Fleyshman, the former CEO of Victory Poker to turn things around and take both Ivey Poker and the Ivey League to the next level. Fleyshman, who once termed himself to be the “youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history” will assume responsibilities from 2015.

His immediate focus will be to relaunch Ivey Poker on Facebook and grow its subscriber base.

When Ivey Poker was launched on Facebook during mid 2013, it gained a lot of attention because Phil Ivey was involved and used his industry contacts to build and promote the brand. With the passing of time, the interest in Ivey Poker began to decline and competitors like PokerStars and Zynga Poker began to monopolize the social poker market. During 2014, Ivey Poker faced a significant decline which promoted Phil Ivey to shut down the website temporarily.

The goal is to completely revamp the website, the game and have a new marketing strategy that will allow Ivey Poker to compete with the likes of Zynga and PokerStars. Ivey League, the poker training website that Phil Ivey runs will also go through a makeover and look to offer content that is highly engaging and beneficial to the end user.

Phil Ivey believes that Fleyshman is the man that has the ability to turn both sites around and make them a force in the marketplace. Fleyshman did reasonably well when he was the CEO of Victory Poker but was forced to shut down the website due to the ban imposed after Black Friday. Back then, Fleyshman shutdown Victory Poker because he was emotionally drained and Black Friday was the final straw in him deciding to shutdown his poker business.

During the last few weeks, Phil Ivey has made the headlines in the poker community, first for losing a court battle and being ordered to pay back his winnings of over $12 million to casinos in the UK and the US. Ivey filed an appeal this week protesting his innocence and asking the court to reconsider its decision. And only a few days ago Phil Ivey decided to venture into Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Business as we reported.

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