Fox Poker Club Suddenly Announces Closure

Fox Poker Club Suddenly Announces Closure December 11, 2012 December 12, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Dec 11, 2012 | Updated on  Dec 12, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Fox Poker Club named after Charles James Fox, a popular poker room and well reputed in the industry, has just announced their closure. This news was greeted with shock and surprise from the poker industry and also from the poker community because it comes as a completely unexpected development.

The news of the Fox Poker Club closing its doors for good was announced to the public via a post on the Fox Poker Club’s Facebook page. There is also an announcement on the site itself, which reads:

It with regret that Genting UK plc today announces that the Fox Poker Club will cease operation. The Management and Staff of Fox Poker Club would like to thank all of its customers for supporting the venture over the past two years. Further information will be released shortly.

This announcement was followed by a listing of all the site’s contact details, which involved one phone number and three email addresses along with the physical postal address of the Fox Poker Club.

Unlike several other poker rooms that have had problems where such an outcome could have been expected, when it came to the Fox Poker Club neither the players nor the media mill had any clue about it. The Fox Poker Club had been in operation for over two years and had secured a good player base, strong reputation for reliability and was also known for hosting good poker tournaments.

One of the reasons why this move of closure has come as an absolute shock to the public is because the Fox Poker Club was in the news only a few days ago announcing an upcoming tournament.

The Fox Poker Club was known for hosting the Genting Poker Series Grand Final and this event took place over the weekend. The event was a great success and as a result the news of Fox Poker Club’s closure following so close on its heels is something that cannot be understood. In the Genting Poker Series Grand Final that was held at the Fox Poker Club a day ago, player Elliott Panyi won the event.

As of now, the poker community is waiting to see exactly why the Fox Poker Club has closed all of a sudden. Speculation is running rife as to what the reason could be. Some wonder whether it is a possibility of bankruptcy or a management problem or whether it is a legal issue. A statement from the Fox Poker Club is awaited and this will explain the situation, but currently there is no formal explanation given for the closure of Fox Poker.

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