Full Tilt Poker Expands Into European Market

Full Tilt Poker Expands Into European Market March 4, 2013 March 4, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
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full tilt pokerWWW.FULLTILTPOKER.COM is no longer the only website for Full Tilt Poker anymore. The online poker company, which opened way back in June 2004 has now made its first move into Europe’s online poker market. WWW.FULLTILTPOKER.EU will be welcoming players coming specifically from nine countries. These players will be from Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden and Netherlands. This should come as spectacular news for players from all of these locations that have long awaited access to one of the premier online card rooms in the world.

The operations will be very similar to how Full Tilt conducts business in the US. In fact, despite with the addition of the .eu domain, this will have little to no impact on the game play individuals experience as compared to the .com website. The same familiar comical avatars and other details that have helped solidify Full Tilt’s brand and reputation will be in full force at the new domain.

What made them decide on the switch? Moves such as this, into new markets are usually for one reason only; money. This will also benefit a massive number of online poker players in Europe. The new website created by Full Tilt is operating under a license issued by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Commission. There are countries including the nine mentioned that allow winnings in online poker to be tax free. This is only possible if the winnings come from the European Union (EU), which means it will also operate using a license given by an EU member state.

Rational Group Malta General Manager Michael Holmberg said,

Playing under a Maltese license has many advantages for players in various European countries, particularly those markets where playing on an EU platform means that player winnings are tax-free.

Rational Group is the company behind the operating brand Full Tilt Poker.

Therefore, if an individual lives in the UK and is employed full time, he is obliged to pay taxes to the government, however a poker player living in the UK is not liable to pay any taxes from his winnings. This is a major advantage. Sweden or any of the nine countries stated are obligated to pay their taxes coming from their winnings but with the .eu website created by Full Tilt, Swedish poker players can now keep 100% of what they won tax free.

More players from this country will be viewing this change as something of a miracle, since the tax rates previously placed on poker winnings were more than what the average consumer makes in the UK. Full Tilt Poker has given poker players from other countries a chance to enjoy their gaming experience with larger tax-free winnings. This will likely increase Full Tilt’s stock in the hearts and minds of many a European poker player.

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