Global Poker Index Wants To Make A Bigger Impact In The U.S

Global Poker Index Wants To Make A Bigger Impact In The U.S December 26, 2014 December 29, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Dec 26, 2014 | Updated on  Dec 29, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Global Poker IndexThe Global Poker Index (GPI) specializes in ranking poker players that participate in live poker tournaments across the globe. The GPI currently has a list of more than 300,000 live poker players and rankings are updated on a weekly basis. The GPI has become one of the most respected sources for reliable poker player information since its acquistion of The Hendon Mob to keep all of its data accurate and reliable.

The GPI under the dynamic leadership of its CEO Alex Dreyfus has entered into a number of partnerships in 2014 as the company looked to expand, increase its brand visibility and market poker across the globe. Dreyfus set a number of specific goals for the GPI at the end of 2013 and worked tirelessly to achieve a number of these goals.

Dreyfus has made a number of strategic steps in 2014 including establishing events such as the 2015 Global Poker Conference, the Global Poker League and the American Poker Awards which the GPI will sponsor. The GPI has also invested heavily into promoting poker to be a sport and not just a game. Dreyfus wants to remove the ideology that poker is just a game of chance and instead promote it as a sport that requires considerable amount of skill and practice.

However, one of Dreyfus’s key goals was to establish the GPI brand in the United States and according to Dreyfus that has not been done successfully till now. Dreyfus wanted to collaborate with the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and use the platform to promote the GPI brand.

The GPI has successfully formed partnerships with the Deepstack Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour but is yet to work out a deal with the WSOP. The World Series of Poker is considered to be the flagship poker tournament in the world and a collaboration with the WSOP would get the GPI a lot of publicity.

The GPI will focus on implementing innovative methods of distribution during 2015 to promote the GPI brand. In a statement, Dreyfus speaking about the company’s business plan, said

In my business plan, it is literally written that one of the GPI’s objectives is not to become a poker media, but to legitimate the distribution of poker news and poker content like AP and Reuters do. We want to bring poker to people, and not people to poker.

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