GPI Will Collaborate With CineSports To “Bring Poker to the People”

GPI Will Collaborate With CineSports To “Bring Poker to the People” October 1, 2014 October 1, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Oct 1, 2014 | Updated on  Oct 1, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Global Poker IndexThe online poker market has experienced significant growth because there’s a constant stream of content being poured out on a daily basis by online poker companies, affiliates, players and social media.

To make the game even more popular and mainstream, the Global Poker Index recently announced that it will collaborate with CineSport to produce “poker-centric video content” that will target specific niches and promote online poker. CineSport is a specialist digital video provider that distributes sports news, analysis and features to an audience over 7 million viewers spread across the U.S.

The Global Poker Index maintains a ranking of poker players who participate in live poker tournaments. The GPI has a vast database of poker players from all across the globe and a wide reach in stats, analysis and player profiles giving it the ideal platform to develop quality poker content. This strategic partnership will enable the GPI to reach a wider segment of the US sports market and provide poker video content that will be of interested to poker fans.

CineSports will be responsible for both production and distribution of “original poker programming” which the GPI will help to create. The GPI will focus on “exclusive game highlights, ranking updates, and features.” CineSports has an impressive portfolio of clients which include, The Boston Globe, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

CineSports uses a wide distribution network to get its content out to 7 million users. CineSports have strong connections with social media, aggregators, forums and portals that cater to sports lovers.

The GPI confirmed that it has put together a special team of production experts and editors who will work on producing quality video content that they will gather from footage sent in by GPI’s strategic partners and tournament organizers of live poker events.

In a statement, GPI CEO Alex Dreyfus said

This strategic partnership finally gives us the opportunity to reach a U.S. sports market that’s interested in poker content. Our goal is to become the AP/Reuters of poker and promote poker as a sport. Dreyfus went on to say that his goal is to “bring poker into the mainstream sports consciousness.

During the next few months, the GPI will focus specifically on building its relationship with CineSports and sending out quality content on a regular basis. The GPI has plans to roll out a number of strategic initiatives that will help poker become a part of mainstream sports media all across the United States.

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