In-room Betting Is Now Available In New Jersey Casino

In-room Betting Is Now Available In New Jersey Casino February 22, 2013 February 22, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic CityBorgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City – Remote control casino gaming can now be enjoyed at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. This may sound unbelievable but yes; the Atlantic City casino is now the first US casino to have an E-Casino. Any guest will have the luxury to gamble inside their hotel room through their TV’s.

This is not a surprise as the Borgata has always been updated when it comes to technology development. It has remained a tech-savvy casino since it started in 2003 that it why this introduction to e-Casino is no wonder coming from the Borgata. They always have the initiative to provide their patrons something their competitors don’t have.

They chose to partner up with Allin Interactive, the in-room and mobile casino software provider who is based in Florida way back in 2011. They are the one who developed the platform. The authorities from New Jersey were more than willing to help out in the implementation of the idea through their streamlined procedures.

This is a breakthrough and New Jersey is very proud to be the leader of this new innovation. As per Eric Weiss, the Director of the Technical Services Bureau at the Division of Gaming Enforcement,

New Jersey is the first state to get this kind of technology approved and installed. This is yet another example of our agency responding to new technology and allowing manufacturers to engage in the New Jersey market before any other jurisdiction in the country.

Some see it somehow as a threat since it poses as competition with its own casino games, however, the change is inevitable since online casinos and mobile casinos already exist. They can’t afford to remain the same and not try to provide their patrons the convenience they can provide through this medium.

Instead of guests going out of their hotel rooms to play video poker games, they can simply enjoy gaming from the comfort of their rooms playing the games they want without dragging themselves to the actual casino tables. Players can also enjoy video slots. This is the first venture for Atlantic City and even with the whole US which will surely impress the resort guests.

The SVP of Operations in Borgata, Joe Lupo said,

The customer really needs to start getting familiar with new types of E-gaming methods.

This is why they invested $50 million in equipping all of the rooms as well as the building system without expecting particular financial returns from it. They consider this move as a pilot project, which will play an important role in future operations.

They will need to be prepared for coming legalization of online gambling in New Jersey. At the end of next month, along with Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey will be alongside the two mentioned states allowing online and mobile poker & casino games.

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