Innovative Online Poker Technology Acquired By MGT Capital

Innovative Online Poker Technology Acquired By MGT Capital September 6, 2013 September 6, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Sep 6, 2013 | Updated on  Sep 6, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Real Deal PokerMGT Capital Investments, Inc recently announced that MGT Interactive, LLC has successfully completed a purchase of key assets from Gioia Systems LLC, who are the creators of a unique method of card shuffling for the online poker market. MGT Interactive, LLC is a subsidiary of MGT Capital Investments.

The company confirmed that this unique method of card shuffling technology has been trademarked and will be called Real Deal Poker. This innovative technology leverage’s patented shuffling machines together with permutation re-sequencing, which makes it position to create close to 16,000 decks per minute in real time. Each of these new decks will then be “dealt” for a hand of online poker, along with the option to burn cards and also for a player to “cut” the deck. The technology ensures that the there is a much stronger level of realism as each and every deck offers a unique and authentic randomized deal and full audit trail which is currently not present as other technology firms make use of random number generating algorithms.

In a statement, Robert Ladd, CEO of MGT stated,

As U.S. states begin to allow betting on online poker, we expect Real Deal to offer regulators the only way to ensure fairness and allow for full transparency for any card dealt online. We expect to partner with casinos as they offer online poker to adults in Nevada and New Jersey. We also plan to license the Real Deal technology to other legal online poker sites that wish to offer their customers a more true-life poker experience.

The Real Deal system is unique because it looks to overcome the inefficiencies that are usually present with current virtual dealing practices. The process by which this flaw is corrected is through creating individual decks formed by real cards which have been randomly shuffled in a process first, that can be checked and verified by both players as well as regulatory authorities.

The Real Deal technology can not only be adopted in the online poker market but it can also be used to manage a number of other card games including baccarat and blackjack. MGT Interactive confirmed that they will exhibit this system during the G2E convention in Las Vegas which is scheduled to take place during the 23rd – 26th of November. Those who wish to know more information about the Real Deal technology can visit the company website directly.

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