Lock Poker Warning From PPA Does Not Stop Player Traffic

Lock Poker Warning From PPA Does Not Stop Player Traffic September 11, 2014 September 11, 2014 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
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Lock PokerThe online poker market is extremely competitive because the success of each poker website is determined by the amount of player traffic it is able to capture and then convert eventually into loyal customers. Online poker websites are constantly competing for keywords, trying out the latest SEO techniques and implementing innovative market strategies to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors and build a large player database.

Ultimate Poker, recently announced plans to expand was the first online poker website to launch in Nevada post Black Friday has been significantly affected by poor player traffic numbers.

The website had a number of issues such as geo-location concerns, payment processing, software issues and a user friendly interface. Online poker players have been very open with their feedback and experience on a number of popular forums and this has impacted Ultimate Poker’s traffic.

Online poker websites are very keen to provide their players with a great user experience as they realize the impact negative feedback can have on player traffic. Most online poker websites have customer service representatives who visit poker forums and scour the internet on a daily basis to address customer complaints and feedback.

Lock Poker has defied these odds during the last few months as player traffic has not reduced despite the negative feedback the website has received.

Lock Poker has been having huge problems with payment processing and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has released a number of warnings to online poker players cautioning them about the concerns of Lock Poker’s payment schedule. There are a number of Lock Poker players who have not been paid till date and the total outstanding amount owed by Lock Poker is said to be over $1 million.

The PPA released a statement in July which read

Due to continued nonpayment of player funds by Lock Poker, along with their refusal to respond to inquiries by PPA, PPA has shared with the Department of Justice player concerns regarding this site. We did this in person during regular meetings on ongoing Full Tilt Poker remission. In the meantime, we warn extreme caution when depositing on Lock Poker. We also strongly warn affiliates to remove Lock Poker ads and positive reviews.

Yet, despite the warnings by the PPA and the negative feedback on forums, Lock Poker’s website continues to receive traffic and has even seen a marginal increase in the last few months. PokerScout stats show that Lock Poker traffic has increased from 35 to 40 cash players on a weekly basis.

Lock Poker maybe the only online poker website now that is showing an increase in player traffic despite not paying its existing players for over 12 months.

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