MMA Bet Club To Be Launched By Bustout Poker Apparel Founder Jeff Griffith

MMA Bet Club To Be Launched By Bustout Poker Apparel Founder Jeff Griffith November 15, 2013 November 23, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Nov 15, 2013 | Updated on  Nov 23, 2013 by Tim Glocks

MMA Bet ClubJeff Griffith, the founder of Bustout Poker Apparel recently announced that he was ready to launch his latest invention which is an innovative game that will excite both gaming and online poker operators across the world. This new game that Jeff Griffith developed is called MMA Bet Club and brings together a poker tournament structure along with fantasy parlay card style betting on Mixed Martial Arts matches. While the main focus in the MMA, this can also be used for other sporting events.

One of the reasons, Griffith believes this product will be extremely successful is because it has a unique selling point as it looks to reduce the exposure to negative sports betting behaviour as far as possible, yet at the same time it does not reduce the fun and enjoyment of playing the game.

Randy Kasper, founder of Poker Players International was recently asked about the MMA Bet Club and he said

I see hundreds of business plans every year for poker-related ventures and there are only a handful which are truly unique and have limitless potential. Jeff Griffith certainly has one of those rare opportunities with MMA Bet Club.

Griffith is yet to reveal detailed information about how his latest gaming invention will operate. However, some of the industry’s biggest decision makers are in the process of reviewing the game and the idea. Initial reports suggest that there has already been a lot of excitement expressed at the new MMA Bet club.

Eric Morris, founder of Bluff Magazine and Poker entrepreneur said

Poker and MMA have such a huge crossover market. The idea of combining the two in a sports betting platform makes perfect business sense! This innovative new fantasy sports game would make a great addition to any gaming site that wants to take full advantage of that crossover.

One of the reasons why Griffith developed this product is because he believes there is a niche in the market for the MMA Bet club and expects some of the top players of the world to also start playing his new game. Griffith said

I first invented Bet Club back in July 2009, and it has evolved to what it is through four years of playing with only close and trusted friends. I honestly believe I have it tweaked to perfection and I’m excited and ready to show the world

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