New Maryland Live Poker Room Attracts Poker Pros

New Maryland Live Poker Room Attracts Poker Pros October 1, 2013 October 1, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Oct 1, 2013 | Updated on  Oct 1, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Maryland Live! CasinoMaryland Live, one of the biggest casinos along the East Coast, recently launched a new live poker room that is now attracting a large number of high-stakes poker players.

Thanks to the poker room, professional poker players no longer have to travel long distances in search of high-stakes games. Previously Professional poker players had to be based in either Atlantic City or Las Vegas to pursue their poker career.

Matthew Pecker, a professional poker player from Baltimore, said:

Maryland players have been waiting to call somewhere home. It’s awesome that there’s a casino in our backyard.

But now, thanks to the rapid growth of the online poker industry and the establishment of live poker rooms in casinos across 36 US states, players can play high-stakes poker games in their home towns. Poker pros based in Maryland say that the new Maryland Live Poker Room, which was launched in August, gives them a great opportunity to pursue their careers right at home without having to travel all the way to Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

According to poker player Mikey Stotz, the new poker room, which has 52 tables, is a great money-making opportunity for professional poker players because it attracts a large number of fish. Referring to the Hollywood Casino in West Virginia, he said:

It’s much better than Charles Town where at 10-person tables, maybe eight of the players were pros. At Maryland Live, you’re more likely to be the better player.

According to Mike Smith, the director of poker at the casino, the poker room at Maryland Live has been specially designed for both recreational and professional poker players. The facility, therefore, offers both low-stakes as well as high-stakes tournaments and ring games. He said:

We always need to pay attention to all player concerns, whether professional or pleasure player because without one, we wouldn’t have the other. Our intention is to make The Poker Room a place for everyone to play and feel comfortable.

Poker pros are also pleased about the quality of service at Maryland Live, which offers a high-stakes lounge, complimentary drinks, and masseuses, features that set it in a class of its own. The gambling environment and high-profile features of Maryland Live Poker Room has not only attracted online poker players, but also pros from US states such as Alabama and Indiana. Smith is sure that

it is going to be one of most popular casinos in the country.

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