NJ Poker Players Raise Concern Over 888′s Online Poker Platform

NJ Poker Players Raise Concern Over 888′s Online Poker Platform January 7, 2014 January 7, 2014 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Jan 7, 2014 | Updated on  Jan 7, 2014 by Tim Glocks

888 PokerIt was towards the end of 2013, when the state of New Jersey confirmed that online poker was legal and also approved the licenses of a list of selected online gambling companies. One of those companies was 888 who went on to launch their online poker platform on the 26th of November 2013.

One of the common complaints that New Jersey poker players are raising about their gaming experience with 888 online poker is that they are experience constant disconnects.

Players confirm that irrespective of whether they play via their computers, iphone or ipads they are getting disconnected on a regular basis.

While a number of 888 players end up complaining to each other, some of these players have also taken to popular poker forums and communities to voice their frustrations. One of the threads at PocketFives has the following comments. The thread reads

This is getting ridiculous. You can’t play a tournament without getting disconnected 3 or more times. It happens to me, it happens to people I know and it’s obvious it happens to people I’m playing against. What’s the deal?

Another post goes on to say

Here’s another funny thing….you know what I do when I’m playing in a tournament for 3 or 4 hours. I take my notebook computer and leave the state; you know, just for fun. How about you work on your location detection software too

Similar comments can also be seen on the TwoPlusTwo forum. A user by the name of Royal17 wrote

4 out of 6 ppl at my table got disconnected last night and 6 out of 9 in the 10k free roll at the exact same time. (The guy I was in the hand with got reconnected and asked who won…lol. Yeah it was only my computers issue lol)

Some of the players have also put up blog posts confirming that the number of disconnects have been increasing instead of decreasing which is a posing a huge concern for them. One blogger confirmed that he had contacted 888 customer support and raised the issue and this is the response that he was given.

888 customer support stated that

In order to play at 888 for real money, the New Jersey Gaming Control Board requires us to periodically verify your location within New Jersey. When you were playing, we were unable to verify your location; this was likely to have occurred due to an interrupted or weak Wi-Fi signal. Following this scenario, please ensure that you’re able to detect at least 2 other strong Wi-Fi networks and try login into your WSOP.com account again.

888 will need to address these issues successfully to ensure that it continues to build its New Jersey player database and also maintain a long term relationship with its players.

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