NJ Senator Ray Lesniak Confident That PokerStars Will Launch Quickly

NJ Senator Ray Lesniak Confident That PokerStars Will Launch Quickly August 26, 2015 August 26, 2015 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Aug 26, 2015 | Updated on  Aug 26, 2015 by Tim Glocks

Ray LesniakThe online gambling industry in New Jersey has fallen well short of initial expectations and the state gaming commission has tried hard to revive the struggling industry but has not been unable to generate sufficient interest to boost online gambling traffic and as a result, online gambling websites in New Jersey have struggled to post profits.

PokerStars, the biggest online gambling website in the world is yet to enter the United States since being banned after the infamous Black Friday. Now that Amaya Gaming has taken over the website, the new owners are looking to re-launch into the United States are currently targeting New Jersey for its initial launch.

There has been a lot of opposition from numerous lobbyists, most notably billionaire and Las Vegas Sands chairman Sheldon Adelson who is against the legalization of online gambling and opposed to allowing gambling establishments with blemished records to operate in the United States. However, New Jersey Senator Ray Lesniak who has always campaigned for the legalization of online poker, believes that it will not be very long before PokerStars launches in New Jersey.

The state gaming commission is not opposed to having PokerStars launch in New Jersey as New Jersey lawmakers believe that the mega-poker website will give the struggling industry a much needed boost and help revive New Jersey’s online gambling market. PokerStars has tended to dominate just about every market it has entered into and the state gaming commission is hopeful that PokerStars can do something similar in the garden state.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is currently running for President is coming to the end of his term and Ray Lesniak is expected to run for governor. The senator has made it clear that he wants New Jersey to become an online gambling hub and stated that he will take a lot of steps to ensure that New Jersey provides a number of benefits to online gambling companies, so much so that they would think about re-locating their headquarters to Atlantic City.

Ray Lesniak stated that if he were to become the governor of New Jersey he would most certainly look at granting PokerStars a license without any delay. In a statement, Lesniak said

They have a great brand and would create a great footprint in New Jersey. I am told they would invest in Atlantic City, so I would continue to aggressively pursue laying out the welcome mat for e-gaming operators to have their base of operations in New Jersey

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