Player Verify Gets Approval From The Nevada Gaming Commission

Player Verify Gets Approval From The Nevada Gaming Commission October 21, 2013 October 21, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Player VerifyWhile Nevada and New Jersey have legalized online poker, there are still numerous concerns with regards to player privacy and confidentiality. Addressing the need for establishing a secure system to share personal identification and player information, the Nevada Gaming Commission along with the Control Board Technology Division has recently approved Player Verify to approve and store all poker player verification and identification details.

Player Verify is a secure and robust online hub for the I-gaming community. The company specializes in storing, sharing and preserving confidential verification information. Online poker players will now be able to avail the services of Player Verify to ensure that none of their personal information gets compromised or shared due to lack of security procedures.

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In a statement, Player Verify managing member Mark Dalton said

Thanks to the Nevada Gaming Commission’s approval, Player Verify is ready to give Nevada online poker players and I-gaming sites a better, safer option for player ID verification. Player Verify is the only site of its kind. Although it’s becoming a world of digitization, there will always be a need for hard copy document verification. I’ve been working on this site for the past three years. Though it’s outside the box of what most in the industry are used to, I’ve identified problems and created solutions.

Those Nevada I-gaming companies who opt for Player Verify’s player authentication services will be able to immediately authenticate player identity. This is because the Player Verify system leverage’s an identity checking tool that scans and matches information submitted by U.S. players to a national database of public and government information. Once the scan is completed, the system will verify if the information submitted matches the information in the database. If there is a match, the player is immediately verified. The system will make note of information that fails the verification process and flag such users as fraudulent.

Dalton went on to say

We are the only I-Gaming hub for this process to take place between players and multiple gaming sites at one location. Some sites have added their own upload system but very few and for their players only. I call this the ‘black hole’ as they simply upload their personal information and it’s gone. Players don’t know if it’s been received by the gaming site, when it was viewed and by whom and it’s backed up on their gaming servers for several years.

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