PokerStars to Launch New PokerStars 7 Software

PokerStars to Launch New PokerStars 7 Software October 10, 2012 October 10, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Oct 10, 2012 | Updated on  Oct 10, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Poker News writer Mathew Pitt has published an account of how he was invited to the unveiling of PokerStar’s new client, the PokerStars 7 software.

In response to the invite, he went to London to attend the inauguration ceremony of PokerStars VIP Club Live Event, which was scheduled to be held at the London Film Museum.

Pitt was quite impressed to see that a PokerStars film crew was filming Lee Jones, one of the most respected poker personalities in the online poker community. Pitt, who had so far only seen Lee Jones’ avatar on Two Plus Two forums, admitted that he was quite glad to actually see him in the flesh.

Although Pitt had arrived early, there were several PokerStars VIPs at the venue, interacting among themselves or examining the props arranged around the museum floor. Some of these props included Batman, Hellraiser’s Pinhead, Superman, Alien Queen, and others. VIPs were even given the opportunity to purchase the T-shirt won by Anthony Hopkins when he was filming for Hannibal.

The highlight of the event was the champagne, wine, and free food. There was plenty of it around, including beer, red wine, white wine, sausage rolls, croissants, coffee, and others. Pitt had a good time talking with the PokerStars staff, shortly after which Lee Jones introduced himself and gave his presentation.

Shortly before he unveiled PokerStars’ new software, he congratulated a player for collecting 5,000,000 VPPs although he did not mention his name. Finally Jones got down to business and spoke about PokerStars’ new client, the first of its kind in PokerStars’ ten-year-old history. Speaking about the features, he said that most of the features in the existing client have been tweaked to make the gaming experience better than ever for players. Admitting that the existing software is very difficult for new players to navigate through, he said that the new client makes the website user friendly and easy to navigate. Jones’ presentation lasted around 15 minutes, throughout which he presented slide after slide to his interested audience.

Jones than logged into his PokerStars 7 account and visited the gaming lobby when it was connected to the PokerStars servers. Pitt was amazed at the striking similarity between PokerStars 7 lobby and the Full Tilt Poker lobby. The new PokerStars 7 lobby looked simple, interesting, and player friendly; in fact, it looked as if the developers had gone out of their way to keep the software as simple as possible.

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