PokerStars To Reward Entry To EPT Barcelona With New Spin & Go Promo

PokerStars To Reward Entry To EPT Barcelona With New Spin & Go Promo July 20, 2018 July 20, 2018 Juanjo Cato
Posted on  Jul 20, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 20, 2018 by Juanjo Cato

The Barcelona stop for the European Poker Tour (EPT) is a month away and players are already scrambling to join in.

However, some people might find that the large buy-ins are a little too expensive for their pocketbook. PokerStars has kept this in mind and has come out with a new promotion that will allow players to win an entry into EPT Barcelona for a small buy-in.

PokerStars has launched a new edition of its Spin & Go games to give players a chance to win a special package to go to EPT Barcelona or to play one of the satellites.

Some of the satellite events have tickets valued at €530 and hence it makes more sense for players with a small bankroll to play special edition Spin & Go games which have a buy-in of just €10.

The new Spin & Go games only have a first prize winner, there is no prizes for those finishing in second or third place. Games which have a €10 buy-in will give players the chance to win four different prizes. The first is a EPT Barcelona package estimated to be around €8,700 with a winning probability of 0.035 percent, the second package is an EPT Barcelona Satellite ticket valued at €530 and comes with a probability of 0.060 percent, the third is €40 in cash which has a 21.280 probability and the fourth is €20 in cash which has a 78.62 probability.

EPT Barcelona Package

The EPT Barcelona package consists of the €5,300 buy-in to the EPT Barcelona Main Event along with accommodation for seven nights at Hotel Arts along with €326 for travel expenses.

PokerStars will even provide transport from the airport to the wherever you want to stay. Plus, if a player wins multiple packages, they can exchange them for additional tournament money. The €530 EPT satellite ticket is no slouch either. This ticket will allow players to join any EPT satellite event before June 18, 2023. This means players can save these satellite tickets up for future events. Players will not be able to trade these in, but will be able to use them for a long time. The cash prizes are a good consolation prize and can be used to buy-in to other Spin & Go Games so that players can attempt to win more prizes.

Players can now access these Spin & Go games on the .com and .eu sites of PokerStars. They will have time to August 19 to play these special Spin & Go games.

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